A worker fills a tanker truck with fuel at a state-owned Pertamina fuel depot in Jakarta. Indonesia's President-elect Joko Widodo wants to fast-track a cut in fuel subsidies that are the main reason behind a current account deficit . © Reuters

Frederic Neumann: Asia should keep cutting subsidies

That reforms are urgently needed in Asia to keep growth humming along is not exactly a secret. And it is easy to dismiss efforts so far as feeble, at best. Leaders throughout the region have made many ambitious promises on this front, but implementat...

The Future of Asia

Thai instability to impact region: Asean chief

TOKYO -- Le Luong Minh, the secretary general of Asean, said Friday that events unfolding ...

Nikkei Asia Prizes

Heart for the people

BANGALORE -- The southern Indian city of Bangalore is known as "India's Silicon Valley." I...