Fraser Howie

Foreign financial institutions will never be more than bit players in China

That global investment banks are still having to restructure and come to terms with a very different financial landscape since the global financial crisis is hardly news. But a few weeks ago, Deutsche Bank announced that as part of its latest restruc...

  • Daniel Yergin

    Where's all the stimulus from the 50% drop in oil prices?

    The shale revolution has shielded oil supplies from geopolitics, but cheap energy may be foreshadowing trouble down the road, says Daniel Yergin.

  • Stephen Grenville

    Bernanke raises as many questions as answers

    The former Fed chief gives an admirable account of the financial crisis, but misses some key points, writes Stephen Grenville.

  • Kemal Dervis

    Will technology kill convergence?

    WASHINGTON, DC -- At last week's annual meetings of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund in Lima, Peru, one topic that dominated discussions was the slowdown in emerging-economy growth. Hailed in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis as...

  • Nicholas Spiro

    India's resilience could prove limited

    Investor sentiment toward emerging markets has improved noticeably so far in October. A tentative recovery in oil prices and the perception that a further delay in the tightening of U.S. monetary policy may be beneficial for emerging market asset...

  • Robert A. Manning

    Myths and realities of the Trans-Pacific Partnership

    U.S. failure to ratify the pact would undermine America's credibility in the region and give momentum to China's efforts to create parallel institutions, writes Robert A. Manning.

  • Zhang Jun

    China's monetary-policy choice

    SHANGHAI -- China's economy has followed a remarkable course in recent years: from record-breaking powerhouse to major global risk, at least in the eyes of some. Indeed, with GDP growth this year almost certain not to reach the authorities' 7% target...

  • Interview

    'Another disappointing year' for global growth: World Bank's Kose

    WASHINGTON -- The global economy this year does not appear likely to achieve even the modest improvement predicted in June, Ayhan Kose, director of the World Bank's Development Prospects Group, told The Nikkei. Excerpts from the interview follow....

  • Peter Tasker

    Busted -- how much further can commodities fall?

    Global commodity prices have reached their nadir as we enter an era of gluts and industrial over-capacity, writes Peter Tasker.