Robert A. Manning

How to deal with the great Asian mystery: North Korea's durability

It leaves top military men and foreign ministry officials in Washington, Seoul and even Beijing scratching their heads: how does North Korea keep going? This question acquires a new urgency, with Pyongyang's byungjin policy -- developing nuclear weap...

  • Kavi Chongkittavorn

    Southeast Asia raises its strategic significance

    As Southeast Asia further unites, it also faces a new political contour that could end up dividing it, writes Kavi Chongkittavorn.

  • Chris Patten

    The Great Leader Revival

    LONDON -- Two hundred years have passed since the battle of Waterloo, where Napoleon's calamitous defeat made such a huge dent in his country's self-image that General Charles de Gaulle, in his history of the French army, simply omitted it. Nonethele...

  • Aung Naing Oo

    The time for waiting is over in Myanmar

    Myanmar's government has made a priority of the peace process with ethnic armed groups since President Thein Sein came to power in early 2011. Peace, a political settlement and a nationwide reconciliation with all ethnic armed organizations are essen...

  • Nicholas Farrelly

    Southeast Asia's infrastructure dreams spark negotiating frenzy

    Southeast Asia is excited by China's "One Belt, One Road" project, but wary of the costs in terms of sovereignty, writes Nicholas Farrelly.

  • Guy de Jonquieres

    TPP underpins US 'pivot' but is really no big deal

    Although the Trans-Pacific Partnership signals U.S. commitment to Asia, its economic significance is unclear, writes Guy de Jonquieres.

  • Arthur Herman

    Japan's big sleep is over

    A Japan with more military freedom to deter an increasingly assertive China is exactly what Asia needs, writes Arthur Herman.

  • Rupakjyoti Borah

    Modi had to look for the spotlight during his US visit

    India still has a lot to do to improve its business climate and truly interest global manufacturers to "Make in India," writes Rupakjyoti Borah.

  • Mireya Solis

    TPP: The end of the beginning

    The Trans-Pacific Partnership deal that the United States and 11 other Pacific Rim countries stuck in Atlanta today was five years in the making. More than once we heard that the endgame had come, only to see deadlines pass us by as the negotiations ...

  • Daniel Twining

    The TPP's prosperity promises

    The pacific trade deal does not try to contain China but does unite the U.S. with like-minded Asian powers, argues Daniel Twining.

  • Robert A. Manning

    Trying to bridge the US-China trust deficit

    How China follows up on promises recently made in the U.S. will determine the level of cooperation the two nations attain, writes Robert A. Manning.

  • Nouriel Roubini

    The Middle East meltdown and global risk

    NEW YORK -- Among today's geopolitical risks, none is greater than the long arc of instability stretching from the Maghreb to the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. With the Arab Spring an increasingly distant memory, the instability along this arc is deep...

  • Michael Wesley

    Seaborne threats grow as Asia's coastal nations gather arms

    Shifts in weapons technology and military strategy are giving rising maritime powers effective ways to close the capability gap with their larger rivals, writes Michael Wesley.

  • Raj Kumar Sharma

    India grapples with two-front dilemma

    India must stay on guard against a cooperative Pakistan and China, writes Raj Kumar Sharma