Soe Thane, the Myanmar economy minister

Soe Thane

Creating a sustainable democracy in Myanmar

Myanmar's democratic transition is well underway, but will require years of work. Patience is required, writes Soe Thane.

  • Thomas Wright

    Britain flips for Xi Jinping

    It has been quite a month for Chinese President Xi Jinping. In late September, he was treated to a state visit in the United States. About a month later, he was staying at Buckingham Palace as the United Kingdom rolled out the red carpet for him. ...

  • Hwok-Aun Lee

    Transforming Malaysia's unwilling government

    Financial scandals, public protests against corruption and authoritarianism, economic anxiety and a depreciating currency are factors that would threaten the position of any elected national leader. Not in Malaysia. Faced with the above, Najib Razak ...

  • David S. Lee

    'Fintech' needs support, not barriers, in South Korea

    South Korea's startups, especially in the fintech sector, need regulatory support, not restrictions, when it comes to funding, writes David S. Lee.

  • Gordon Houlden

    Will Canada's new Liberal government move closer to Asia?

    The results of Canada's Oct. 20 federal election, which saw the Liberal Party under Justin Trudeau return to power with a majority government after almost a decade in opposition, will have policy implications for Canada’s profile abroad, including in...

  • Chit Win

    Myanmar's ruling party gambles on incumbent lawmakers

    Myanmar is in the grip of election fever, with a staggering 6,100-plus candidates from 93 political parties vying for 1,171 seats in November's historic ballot. In what is being portrayed as a clash of the titans, the ruling Union Solidarity and Deve...

  • Anita Inder Singh

    India, US, China prove politics and trade not natural partners

    The strength or weakness of trade ties between countries does not determine the tone of political partnerships, as starkly illustrated by the September visits to Washington of Chinese President Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. ...

  • Joe Zhang

    A new formula for China's next 5-year plan

    China's slowdown may provide the catalyst for structural reforms that will make the country an even bigger driver of global growth, says Joe Zhang.

  • Humphrey Hawksley

    Britain needs clear guidelines on Chinese investment

    As Britain positions itself as China's key ally and investment destination in Europe, it still must prepare for future crises, says Humphrey Hawksley.

  • Thomas Mayer

    The secret currency union

    What is the largest currency union of the world? The European Monetary Union, of course, you may think. Wrong. It is the U.S. dollar union. In an interesting paper, Robert McCauley and Tracy Chan of the Bank for International Settlement have sho...

  • Bernhard Kotanko and Jason Ekberg

    'Financial deepening' can bring economic progress to Asia

    More sophisticated financial markets will bring improved economic stability and enhanced growth in Asia, say Bernhard Kotanko and Jason Ekberg.

  • David I. Steinberg

    Replaying the 'Great Game' in Myanmar?

    One of the great geo-strategic balancing acts of the 19th century was called the "Great Game." It was the rivalry for influence between Russia and England in Central Asia in Afghanistan, Persia, Tibet, and beyond. In fiction, it was the focus of Rudy...

  • Huong Le Thu

    Vietnam needs a policy for its growing middle class

    As the influence of Vienam's middle class swells, the government must develop policies that address its needs, writes Huong Le Thu.

  • Tony Nash and Manoj Jain

    India's economy needs more than a rate cut

    The Reserve Bank of India's rate cut has been welcomed but more reform is needed to revive a faltering economy, write Tony Nash and Manoj Jain.

  • Aung Min

    Perception, misperception in the Myanmar peace process

    There has been much speculation in the media, online and behind closed doors, about the peace process in Myanmar. Over the past four years while we worked to bring an end to over 60 years of conflict and civil war in my country, many opinions have be...

  • Andy Yee

    How technology and finance can get along

    Silicon Valley might try but won't be able to eat Wall Street's lunch. Instead, Andy Yee writes, some intelligent design will intervene.

  • Caroline Freund

    TPP pharma compromise will benefit US consumers

    American consumers will now gain access to cheaper drugs more quickly, writes Caroline Freund

  • Lee G. Branstetter and Gary Clyde Hufbauer

    Disputing the TPP naysayers

    Critics of the big trade deal simply don't have all the facts, write Lee G. Branstetter and Gary Clyde Hufbauer.

  • Sin-ming Shaw

    Beijing versus the billionaire

    BANGKOK -- China's government and Hong Kong's wealthiest man, the much-admired Li Ka-shing, have been waging an acidic spat -- one that increasingly looks like a bitter divorce being played out in tabloid newspapers. Indeed, Chinese media have lately...

  • John Lee

    Turnbull to champion free markets in Asia

    Australia's new prime minister is more concerned with "economic disruptions" than China's maritime assertiveness, writes John Lee.