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  • Clothing maker to the world

    YUMI KOTANI, Nikkei staff photographer The world's most successful apparel brands, including H&M, Uniqlo and Zara, all produce clothing in Bangladesh. And production in Bangladesh continues to grow, making it the second-largest garment exporter after China.

  • Asean and the automobile

    KEN KOBAYASHI, Nikkei Staff Photographer Southeast Asia's economic bloc is quickly motorizing. Indonesia, where 2013 car sales reached 1.2 million, is dominated by Japanese automakers. In Malaysia, the only member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations with its own car brands, the indigenous Proton and Perodua have a combined market share of 60%. It helps that Malaysia has protective auto trade policies in place. (This is the first of a two-part photo essay)

  • In pursuit of the dong in Vietnam

    KAZUMI SAITO, Nikkei staff photographer
    All sorts of companies want to dip into Vietnamese wallets these days. It is easy to see why: Last year, the nation's population topped 90 million, while per-capita gross domestic product was just shy of $1,900, up from about $1,230 in 2009. With the economy continuing to expand -- it grew more than 5% in 2013, according to government data -- stores are opening left and right.

  • Playing catch-up in Indonesia

    KEN KOBAYASHI, Nikkei staff photographer Japanese automakers reign supreme in Indonesia, controlling over 90% of the market. But of the entire pie, half is dominated by just two big names -- Toyota and Daihatsu. Other Japanese carmakers, notably Honda and Suzuki, are hoping to expand their presence by erecting more factories and releasing tantalizing new models. (This is the second of a two-part photo essay)

  • Bridal wave

    YUMI KOTANI, Nikkei staff photographer
    India's wedding industry has experienced rapid growth in recent years. A number of businesses have emerged to cater to the newlyweds-to-be, including hall operators, clothing retailers, jewelry stores and TV programs that specialize in wedding matters. The market is estimated at around $30 billion. (Second in a two-part series)

  • Lavishly ever after

    YUMI KOTANI, Nikkei staff photographer
    Weddings are big business in India. In November, Malvika Singh and Pranav Saboo, both 26, tied the knot in New Delhi. A Nikkei journalist was on hand for the festivities, which began with a traditional party at the bride's home and ended a couple of days later with the formal ceremony. All told, the families spent more than $100,000. (First in a two-part series)

  • Mekong momentum

    KAZUMI SAITO, Nikkei staff photographer
    Laos is a country on the move. The capital, Vientiane, buzzes with life (and ever more traffic). At Savannakhet, on the river opposite Mukdahan, Thailand, goods flow to and fro -- by bridge and by boat. These recent photos capture the country as it strives to harness Southeast Asia's economic energy.