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  • Pope in Philippines

    Pope Francis visited the Philippines between Jan. 15 and 19 as part of his recent tour of Asia. KEIICHIRO ASAHARA, Nikkei staff photographer followed his procession through Manila.

  • Bangkok's new malls - shiny and cool

    KEN KOBAYASHI, Nikkei staff photographer
    Bangkok is home to a host of enormous new shopping malls rising over the city's Skytrain mass-transit stations. These facilities have become popular destinations for residents of the capital, places to shop for both high-end and low-end goods, as well as to simply gather and bask in the cool of the air-conditioning. Let's have a look inside.

  • Vegetarian week in Bangkok's China town

    KEN KOBAYASHI, Nikkei staff photographer
    The annual Vegetarian Festival in Bangkok, which is known as Kin Jay in Chinese, is celebrated with colorful dragon parade in Chinatown.

  • Soul-searching in George Town, Penang

    KEN KOBAYASHI, Nikkei staff photographer
    George Town, in northwest Malaysia, has a unique architectural style, blending British, Chinese, Indian and Islamic influences.

  • Thais honor Buddha with sky lantern festival

    KEN KOBAYASHI, Nikkei staff photographer
    The annual Yi Peng Sansai, the sky lantern festival, was held in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand on Oct. 25 to pay homage to the Buddha.

  • Yangon smartens up

    Nikkei staff photographer
    One sign of Myanmar's transformation since 2011 has been the emergence of smartphones in Yangon. Now, like in any other major Asian city, the burg's inhabitants are constantly checking out what's happening in the palms of their hands, often with inexpensive handsets from China.

  • Small worlds

    KURAHIRO SEGUCHI and KONOSUKE URATA, Nikkei staff photographers

    As leisure spending rises in Southeast Asia, Western theme park operators are setting up shop in the region.

  • Nonstop business

    KEN KOBAYASHI, Nikkei staff photographer To keep pace with demand for air travel, the Asia-Pacific region will need to find 192,300 new pilots and 215,300 maintenance personnel over the next 20 years, according to U.S. aircraft maker Boeing. Airline companies are scrambling to expand and develop their human resources.

  • A hub of global trade

    KURAHIRO SEGUCHI, Nikkei staff photographer Singapore is a maritime logistics hub that connects the Indian and Pacific oceans. The port's container-handling capacity in 2013 was 32.58 million 20-foot equivalent units (TEUs). It is the world's second largest port after Shanghai, and there are plans to increase total capacity to around 50 million TEUs.