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    Trade is not to blame for joblessness, WTO chief says

    TOKYO -- The director-general of the World Trade Organization on Monday pushed back against one of the central notions behind the spread of protectionism: that trade leads to unemployment. He also suggested that forging ahead with the Trans-Pacific

    May 22, 2017 10:35 pm JST
  • Richard McGregor

    China rises as the US stumbles

    If the 21st century hinges on a contest between the United States, the world's reigning superpower, and China, its rapidly emerging rival, then it is reasonably clear which side is gaining the upper hand.The early months of U.S. President Donald Tru

    May 22, 2017 04:30 pm JST
  • Fog of cyberwar spurs virtual arms race on Korean peninsula

    CANBERRA -- In Units 110 and 121 of North Korea's General Staff Reconnaissance Bureau, several thousand information technology experts are working on ways to disrupt the vital installations and systems of their enemy countries via the internet.About

    May 22, 2017 03:30 pm JST
  • Subaru looks to open more dealerships in US

    TOKYO -- Japanese automaker Subaru expects to open more outlets in the U.S., the market that accounts for 60% of the manufacturer's unit sales. President Yasuyuki Yoshinaga, recently interviewed by The Nikkei, says the U.S. market remains "attractiv

    May 22, 2017 03:00 pm JST
  • Razeen Sally

    Asia still needs America

    The growing conventional wisdom in Asia is that America's 70-year leadership of the global order is at an end, and that China will inevitably rise to regional leadership: A regional Pax Sinica will replace the global Pax Americana.I fear that U.S. d

    May 22, 2017 07:00 am JST
  • US stuck in deadlock over Pyongyang's continued provocation

    TOKYO -- North Korea's incessant missile tests may signal disregard for the stronger U.S. military presence, as President Donald Trump's strategy of applying pressure while seeking dialogue -- simply inherited from the prior administration -- looks

    May 22, 2017 04:38 am JST
  • UN Security Council to meet Tuesday on North Korea missile test

    UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) -- The United Nations Security Council is due to meet on Tuesday behind closed doors to discuss North Korea's latest missile test at the request of the United States, Japan and South Korea, diplomats said on Sunday.North Kor

    May 22, 2017 03:54 am JST
  • 'TPP 11' make show of unity, but members remain far apart

    HANOI -- The remaining members of the Trans-Pacific Partnership showed some level of unity in a statement Sunday, but the outlook for a "TPP 11" version of the trade pact after the U.S. ditched the deal looks hazy amid gaps on some issues.Ministers

    May 22, 2017 02:40 am JST
  • Japan eyes Aegis Ashore defense against Pyongyang's missiles

    TOKYO -- Japan appears likely to install a land-based version of the Aegis anti-missile system used by the Maritime Self-Defense Force, driven by North Korea's continued testing of missiles fired into nearby waters.The Aegis Ashore defense system wi

    May 22, 2017 01:05 am JST
  • White House says aware of North Korea launch, notes shorter range

    RIYADH (Reuters) --- The White House said on Sunday it was aware North Korea had launched a medium range ballistic missile (MRBM) and noted its range was shorter than recent tests. "We are aware that North Korea launched an MRBM. This system, last t

    May 21, 2017 07:06 pm JST
  • US trade rep says no return to TPP deal and wants bilateral deals in Asia

    HANOI (Reuters) -- U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said on Sunday that the United States would not return to the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal after 11 remaining countries earlier agreed to look at how they could move ahead withou

    May 21, 2017 03:58 pm JST
  • Under siege in Washington, Trump reaps Saudi arms deal, stronger ties

    RIYADH (Reuters) -- Under political fire at home, U.S. President Donald Trump sealed a $110 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia on Saturday on his maiden foreign trip as he struggled to shift attention from the aftermath of his firing of the directo

    May 21, 2017 02:27 am JST
  • 'TPP 11' ministers in discord ahead of Sunday meeting

    HANOI -- Ministers from the 11 remaining TPP countries will sit down together here on Sunday to discuss implementing the trade deal without the U.S.But events on Saturday showed they remain at odds.There is a major sticking point. Japan wants the jo

    May 21, 2017 01:45 am JST
  • US official says nearly $110bn worth of military deals inked with Saudi Arabia

    RIYADH (Reuters) -- The United States on Saturday announced military deals worth nearly $110 billion, during a visit by President Donald Trump to Saudi Arabia.A White House official said Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson would attend the si

    May 20, 2017 11:49 pm JST
  • US regulators open probe into recall of nearly 1.7m Hyundai, Kia models

    SEOUL/WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- U.S. safety regulators have opened a formal investigation into the recall of nearly 1.7 million Hyundai Motor Co and affiliate Kia Motor Corp U.S. vehicles for engine problems, according to filings.After a Korean whistl

    May 20, 2017 07:33 pm JST
  • US, Japan trade chiefs agree to create 'high-level' standards

    HANOI (Kyodo) -- U.S. and Japanese trade chiefs have agreed in their first talks that Washington and Tokyo will establish "high-level" trade standards to promote their bilateral deal and bolster economic growth, Japanese trade minister Hiroshige Sek

    May 20, 2017 07:12 pm JST
  • Asia-Pacific meeting puts Trump's trade turmoil center stage

    HANOI (Reuters) -- U.S. President Donald Trump's new trade representative held his first face-to-face meetings with some key partners on Saturday as the United States charts an "America First" policy that has upended the old global order and sparked

    May 20, 2017 03:30 pm JST
  • Moon Jae-in's 'balance' strategy risks knocking region off kilter

    SEOUL -- After nine years of conservative rule, South Korea's new liberal president is vowing to talk with the unruly North in an effort to stabilize the peninsula. But one could argue Moon Jae-in's rise has itself become another destabilizing facto

    May 20, 2017 09:00 am JST
  • North Korea dismisses cyberattack allegations

    UNITED NATIONS -- A top North Korean diplomat denied Friday Pyongyang's involvement in the recent WannaCry ransomware attack that crippled computers in more than 150 countries, calling such accusations "ridiculous.""Whenever something strange happen

    May 20, 2017 07:20 am JST
  • T-Mobile, Sprint openly flirt for marriage

    NEW YORK/TOKYO -- T-Mobile U.S. and Sprint have been publicly talking up a potential merger since the revived proposal made the headlines this month.T-Mobile Chief Financial Officer Braxton Carter expressed his interest in a speech in New York Thurs

    May 20, 2017 07:20 am JST