Recharging Tepco is an uphill battle for ex-Hitachi head

Kawamura unable to repeat quick 100-day turnaround performance of yesteryear

China's war on VPNs creates havoc at foreign companies

Internet crackdown is holding businesses hostage behind the infamous Great Fireweall

  • India hits Samsung, Apple with higher smartphone duty

    Hike to 15% from 10% in line with country's Make in India push

  • US merchants adopt Chinese app payments to draw big spenders

    Alipay and WeChat Pay charge into North America

  • Toyota's hybrid vehicle sales take off in Europe

    Volkswagen's dieselgate has prompted a shift to lower-emission cars

  • Najib's 'MaGIC' fires up Malaysia's entrepreneurs

    Country is banking on startup culture to catch up with bigger rivals

  • Securities companies expect solid year for Japan Inc in 2018

    Net profit forecasts for nonfinancial sectors revised up from Sept figures to over 9%

  • New Zealand's improbably 'hot' Southern Alps under pressure

    Once isolated high country faces housing crisis and environmental pressures

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