20 countries to enforce stricter North Korea maritime inspections

Japan warns of Pyongyang 'buying time' with inter-Korean dialogue

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Funerals for the 21st century: Asia's new ways to say goodbye

From drive-thru cemeteries to 'green' burials, rituals are changing with the times

  • APEC summit outlook clouded by new host's problems

    Caught between China and the bloc, PNG's domestic issues dominate

  • Toyota and Honda suspend exports to Vietnam

    Carmakers hit by rule imposing stringent checks on imported vehicles

  • Widodo reshuffles cabinet with eye on 2019 presidential contest

    Golkar Party and the military get more clout in president's inner circle

  • Japan's nuclear fuel cycle policy suffers another setback

    Completion of key facility delayed yet again amid charges of sloppy management

  • In Bangladesh, the sewing and stitching run in high gear

    Fast Retailing, Yondoshi, others keen to grow output in the South Asian country

  • Japanese cobalt traders find there is none left to buy

    Output struggles to keep up with demand for key electric car component

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