Mainland Chinese buyers send Hong Kong shares to fresh all-time high

Rise contrasts with Shanghai market struggling at around half its peak

Asia Insight

Russia courts Southeast Asian partners with authoritarian streaks

Putin looks to capitalize on wariness of China and the West

  • Tencent, Alibaba take e-wallet wars to Southeast Asia

    WeChat Pay to launch Malaysian currency service, Alipay partners local brands

  • Deepening Singapore-Malaysia ties spawn transit link

    Lee and Najib now have two rail projects to show for their good rapport

  • Asian tourists push Japan visitor spending tally to record $40bn

    Figures for 2017 also hint at a need to adapt to travelers' changing habits

  • Chinese electric cars turning heads in US

    Flashy designs and ample funds help industry newcomers make inroads

  • Google Maps available again in China after eight years

    Easier access may signal policy change toward US internet companies

  • Private equity comes to Bhutan

    Local companies in need of capital to expand in fast-growing economy

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