Australia's overheating housing market prompting policy responses

Chinese investment in property has jumped eightfold in five years

Tokyo to begin marketing GPS successor in 2020

New positioning service promises pinpoint accuracy in Asia

  • US-South Korea military drills about to begin

    7,500 fewer Americans to participate than did last year

  • Is India-China trade war looming?

    Experts fear ongoing border standoff may threaten economic ties

  • Foreigners give life to parts of Japan that had been left behind

    Even when they go home, tourists keep buying things from Japan

  • China's garment factories try to stay one stitch ahead

    Automation is key for textile makers amid soaring wages

  • Plus-size fashionista tells Japan's apparel industry where to go

    Niche market flourishing as long-neglected segment championed by Naomi Watanabe

  • Infosys plunges on governance turmoil

    Sikka's exit gives company new challenge in navigating industry transformation

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