Myanmar moves to stave off credit crunch

New central bank regulations threaten to squeeze lending

Kim Jong Un warns of 'highest level' action, possibly H-bomb test

War of words heats up after Trump threatens to destroy North Korea

  • Vietnam's state enterprise sell-off starts to look like mirage

    Investors cry foul as government clings to stakes in key cash generators

  • Taiwan's TSMC denies anti-trust allegations

    Small US rival asking EU to investigate key Apple supplier, report says

  • Singapore's rebel bookseller seeks new narrative

    Edmund Wee parries government pressure as 'Singlit' tackles thorny questions

  • iPhone 8 makes its major market debut -- in Japan

    Eyes already on pushed-back launch of iPhone X set for November

  • Dentsu chief admits illegal labor practice in trial on overwork death

    Prosecutors demand fine of $4,475 for 'securing profits' over workers' health

  • As China rejects scrap imports, metal prices soar

    Investors profit as tighter environmental rules stoke demand

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