This Uniqlo store in Tokyo's Shibuya Ward sells many athleisure outfits.

'Athleisure' wear catching on in Japan

Competition intensifying as shoe, apparel makers tap into growth segment

  • Bangkok getting locker-box fever

    Multifunction coin lockers taking over Thai capital

  • Pure gold losing luster in China as fashion finds favor

    Total demand could dip as 18- and 22-karat jewelry catches on

  • Younger Japanese in the mood for a cruise

    Shorter, cheaper trips have more families and first-timers taking to the water

  • SE Asian convenience stores see big prospects in tiny spaces

    Local chains thrive in niches that foreign giants fail to reach

  • Japanese beef buyers may get frozen out by tariff hike

    Protectionist measure also could cause friction in Japan-US economic dialogue

  • Tokyo to begin marketing GPS successor in 2020

    New positioning service promises pinpoint accuracy in Asia

  • Plus-size fashionista tells Japan's apparel industry where to go

    Niche market flourishing as long-neglected segment championed by Naomi Watanabe

  • China's garment factories try to stay one stitch ahead

    Automation is key for textile makers amid soaring wages

  • Japanese shippers' routes diverge for dividend payouts

    Nippon Yusen may restart payments this fiscal year

  • Alibaba event draws successful e-commerce entrepreneurs

    Taobao festival features young online retailers with unique goods, services

  • AI offers hope for Japan's empty-home epidemic

    New appraisal services bring ease and transparency to pricing

  • Japan plays key support role in hot OLED display market

    Demand for panel materials, production equipment keeping manufacturers busy

  • Japanese public has its say on how to regulate casinos

    Proponents ask how soon; opponents worry about consequences

  • New iPhone boosting electronics parts prices in July-Sept

    Samsung wins big as primary OLED panel supplier

  • South Korean companies haul record first-half sales, profit

    Semiconductor, display manufacturers underpin solid earnings growth

  • Foreign financial institutions set sail for Japan once more

    Government aims to cut red tape, looking to boost Tokyo's financial profile

  • Chinese enterprises write Communist Party's role into charters

    At least 288 make revisions as Xi seeks firmer grip ahead of leadership reshuffle

  • Out of tune: Music schools clash with Japan's copyright enforcer

    Debate over rights management may hold lessons for the rest of Asia

  • Japan department stores upbeat on tax-free sales as tourists return

    Skin care products driving recovery, but apparel remains a liability