South China chemical producer halts ammonia output as gas crisis deepens

  • Capsule hotels: Japan's latest growth sector

    Cute virtual guys, women-only inns, smartphone-operated A/C on offer

  • Southeast Asia ready to embrace blockchain

    Central banks are wary of cryptocurrencies but keen on the underlying technology

  • Japan Inc. bond float seen rising to 8-year high

    Some companies bring forward issuance amid rate hike outlook

  • Rakuten links up with on vacation rentals

    Japanese internet giant gears up for face-off with Airbnb

  • Real estate buoying earnings at Japan department store chains

    Rent provides reliable revenue as retail landscape evolves

  • China's new-auto sales rise 0.7% in November, aided by SUVs

    Production volume hits monthly record, but low-gear sales gains may miss 2017 forecast

  • Winter bonuses eke out fifth year of growth in Japan

    Average for full-time workers climbs 0.89% to $7,150

  • India passenger vehicle sales jump in November on surging SUV demand

    Low base effect of last year also helps industry show better performance

  • Hong Kong's Ferris wheel to reopen after three months' halt

    New operator TECL expects to win back tourists by slashing ticket prices

  • Thailand's 'war on sugar' aims to slim people and fatten coffers

    New tax hits exports worth some $9m for producers like Pepsi and Coke, says USDA

  • Japan's fuel cell train rolls ahead under its own steam

    Prototype could eliminate overhead power lines, slashing maintenance costs

  • Cleaning up the technological mess in global banks

    Startup R3 believes distributed ledger can change global finance for the better

  • Stagnant wages and e-commerce ravage Indonesia's department stores

    Single-digit growth replaces double-digits as the new norm in country's retail sector

  • Global investors woo Indian startups with cold, hard cash

    Promising tech firms locked in battle for customers with big overseas rivals

  • Sweets market turns sour for Want Want China

    Rice cracker maker faces competition from imports and home delivery

  • Future of electric cars is at the bottom of a Chinese salt lake

    Production of valuable lithium ramping up in mountains 3,000 meters above sea level

  • Laox opens specialty cup ramen restaurant in Chiba

    '3 minutes kitchen' offers a variety of hard-to-find varieties of instant noodles

  • Japan logistics firms tap Southeast Asia's rising global trade

    New services target Thailand and Myanmar, tackle customs issues

  • Scarce smartphone capacitors make for seller's market

    Tiny components are in greater demand, including for cars