Jie “Jay” Bao traveled to America for his undergraduate degree before returning to his homeland and choosing CEIBS for his MBA (Photo courtesy of CEIBS)

Mastering Business in Asia

Savvy Westerners lured East for their MBAs

Better prospects attract foreigners and returning Asian expats to the region's business schools

  • Mastering Business in Asia

    Asia schools itself in the art of business

    Regional MBA programs shine as demand for education soars

  • 'Made in Japan' resurges as Asia labor costs grow

    Reverse import values, proportion of goods made overseas both shrink

  • Samsung seeks to bury fiery past with Galaxy Note 8 launch

    Predecessor Note 7 recalled after battery fires

  • Indonesia to introduce tax breaks for low-carbon cars

    Government pledges to cut emissions by 29% by 2030

  • It's sea urchin season in Japan -- if you can afford it

    Climate change, little overseas production push up prices of the delicacy

  • India conglomerates try everything to drag weak performers into black

    Tata pumps in cash, Reliance ADA seeks scale, Essar sells off to tackle debt mountain

  • Mobike, Ofo wheel into Japan

    China's biggest bike-sharing startups' backers include Alibaba, Tencent

  • Tokio Marine leads Japan's insurers in overseas offensive

    Acquisitions aim to reduce reliance on home market as population dwindles

  • Japan's 3 big mobile carriers to launch IoT services in 2018

    Low-cost plans from Docomo, KDDI, SoftBank seen lifting nascent field

  • Bulk charter rates surge on Chinese iron ore demand

    Rising steel prices quicken China's appetite for resource

  • Jakarta offers Moscow rubber for fighter jets

    Palm oil, tea, coffee thrown in to $1.1bn deal to boost military

  • Household spending on children in Vietnam surges

    Rising incomes prompt parents to fork out for goods, extracurricular activities

  • Japan's builders fighting expected labor shortages with faster payment terms

    Strengthening subcontractor relationships to take on more projects

  • Local midtier Chinese banks continue to see loan books sour

    Regional lenders tap billions of dollars to repair balance sheets

  • What missiles? Unfazed South Koreans flock to Guam

    Island's new top tourist demographic shrugs off Pyongyang's threats

  • China overtakes Venezuela as Cuba's largest trading partner

    Exports of cars and electric equipment, falling crude prices behind change

  • 'Athleisure' wear catching on in Japan

    Competition intensifying as shoe, apparel makers tap into growth segment

  • Bangkok getting locker-box fever

    Multifunction coin lockers taking over Thai capital

  • Pure gold losing luster in China as fashion finds favor

    Total demand could dip as 18- and 22-karat jewelry catches on