The companies expect the service will help encourage foreign tourists to spend more by enabling them to travel light.

New service in Japan helps tourists lose the luggage

Tie-up frees up foreign travelers to enjoy the sights -- and the spending

  • Tokyo's brokerage district looks to fintech for fresh start

    With the stock dealers' association eyeing a move, Kabutocho ponders its future

  • Parcel delivery in China, a cutthroat business

    With prices dropping 20%, razor-thin margins threaten even the fittest

  • Mitsubishi Motors to roll out SUV-based mini EVs

    Japanese automaker plans to take lead as world shifts to electrics

  • Mattress makers try to lull Chinese to sleep

    As the middle class grows, manufacturers look to the promising inland market

  • Drone companies showcase 'smart guard' solutions for Indian borders

    China, India, Israel, US compete on remote security systems for vulnerable areas

  • Cardboard prices soaring in China ahead of 'Singles' Day'

    Growing e-commerce, used-paper import ban causing carton shortages

  • 3-row SUVs: A growing trend?

    Mazda launches diesel-driven flagship with 'lots of legroom'

  • 'Not-so-happy Friday' for Japan corporate chiefs

    Relevancy questioned for a campaign designed to spur spending, workplace reform

  • Taiwan's TSMC denies anti-trust allegations

    Small US rival asking EU to investigate key Apple supplier, report says

  • Food-serving tongs fly off shelves after bacterial outbreak hits Japan

    Shared utensils at deli counter apparent culprit; chain closes 17 outlets

  • China weighs letting foreign green-car makers go it alone

    Joint venture requirement may be loosened in free trade zones as soon as 2018

  • 'Izakaya' operator brings Japanese curry to India's middle class

    Chiba-based Kuuraku shifts target from homesick expats to local diners

  • Esports take center stage at Tokyo Game Show

    Japan trying to catch up to what is 'definitely the future of sports'

  • Fledgling Japanese fintech sector needs to 'design for global use'

    Introspective goals holding Tokyo back from becoming global hub

  • How 'ESG' is the boss? Japan Inc. to include social responsibility in bonuses

    Shiseido, Omron want to show investors that executives care

  • Japan's big banks widen their embrace of fintech firms

    Megabanks and others seek to build new ecosystem of data-driven services

  • Mexico's powerful quake may paralyze auto production

    Hardest-hit states home to Nissan, VW, Ford plants

  • Japanese offices ease up, let workers rock their own style

    Easing office dress codes can boost morale and productivity, employers find

  • Electric-vehicle shift is chance to adapt: Honda R&D chief

    Auto and parts makers will survive only with cooperation and agility, says Matsumoto