• South Korean companies haul record first-half sales, profit

    Semiconductor, display manufacturers underpin solid earnings growth

  • Foreign financial institutions set sail for Japan once more

    Government aims to cut red tape, looking to boost Tokyo's financial profile

  • Chinese enterprises write Communist Party's role into charters

    At least 288 make revisions as Xi seeks firmer grip ahead of leadership reshuffle

  • Out of tune: Music schools clash with Japan's copyright enforcer

    Debate over rights management may hold lessons for the rest of Asia

  • Japan department stores upbeat on tax-free sales as tourists return

    Skin care products driving recovery, but apparel remains a liability

  • BHP Billiton to build electric-car battery materials plant

    Resource giants stepping up investments in growth field

  • Turkish auto exports expected to hit record high in 2017

    Demand from Europe strong, but domestic sales sag amid political turmoil, sluggish tourism, weak lira

  • 'Made in Japan' label powers cosmetics exports

    Shiseido, Kose, Kanebo boost efforts to lure Chinese consumers

  • China, India lead Asian advance of smartphone payment

    Everything from unmanned stores to market stalls accepting mobile payment

  • South Korea's Chinese-free duty-free shops suffer

    Industry lost $533m after anti-missile system angered Chinese

  • China smartphone game craze gets reined in

    Further regulations could dampen fast-growing market

  • Craft beer serves heady brew to Myanmar

    Government restrictions could limit market growth

  • Chinese companies expanding presence in Brazil

    Government eager for infrastructure investment amid stagnating economy

  • K-pop purveyors build bands with multinational flair

    Vagaries of fandom and politics force strategic adjustments

  • Japan acting on sustainable development goals

    Public, private-sector players responding to UN agenda on green growth

  • New power providers carve role in Japan's liberated market

    Lower rates, focus on urban areas buoy sales as some approach major utilities

  • Corporate Japan now sees net profit surging 13% this fiscal year

    A fifth of companies to top records despite strong yen, China risks

  • Taiwanese machine tool makers eye a growing Indian market

    Companies showcase their state-of-the-art products at expo in New Delhi

  • Global brewery output falls for three years straight

    Beer less popular in established markets, developing Asia quaffing more

  • China's new-auto sales edged up 6% in July

    Commercial vehicles led recovery as passenger cars struggled to pick up speed