• Understanding the bitcoin hubbub

    Waseda professor says bitcoin would keep value despite a split

  • Japan's foreign workers want faster promotions, pay raises

    Many Asian white-collar employees dissatisfied, seek opportunities elsewhere

  • Hashtag Travelers

    Airbnb extends market leadership through experience-based tourism

    Industry tries to adapt to room sharing pioneer's diruption

  • McDonald's Japan fears 'Pokemon Go' boost wearing off

    Year-old mobile megahit still luring monster hunters into stores

  • Hashtag Travelers

    Half of Chinese travelers going solo

    The number of independent travelers is soaring, marking a substantial shift in the market

  • Japanese stores may suspend bitcoin use as split looms

    Fight over key technical update threatens to tarnish currency's reputation

  • China unveils plan to become a world leader in AI by 2025

  • Interview

    Murata chief sees plenty of room for growth in smartphone parts

    Proliferating features, demand from Chinese makers creating boom for components

  • Hashtag Travelers

    Asian millennials are booking their own adventures

    How smartphones, social media and cheap air fares are changing the face of travel

  • Microsoft joins Baidu's autonomous driving project

    US software giant to contribute Azure cloud computing system

  • Will Indonesian diamonds shine on the global market?

    Local entrepreneur wants to restart mining operations in Cempaka

  • Asian institutions edging further into sustainable investing

    Embrace of 'ESG' by state funds expected to generate more private interest

  • World regaining appetite for Japanese wagyu beef

    Taiwan, Australia ending mad-cow-era bans as EU readies to dump tariff

  • China's housing for seniors 'faces oversupply risk'

    Aging country needs home operators, not builders, says DBS

  • At some companies, sons-in-law trump professional managers

    When families hold sway, their businesses might have an edge over rivals

  • Sompo Japan locates 'satellite office' inside main office

    Reserved space makes trips to headquarters less clumsy, more productive

  • Commodities eye

    Dry bulk shipping rates flounder despite rising Chinese imports

    Ample capacity, resource companies keeping lid on prices

  • Chinese, South Korean, Indian apparel makers landing in Ethiopia

    Young, low-wage labor attracting garment companies from around world

  • Bandai Namco brings anime to life with virtual reality park

    Indoor facility in Tokyo looks to wow visitors with 'Dragonball' and Mario

  • The 'best job in Thailand'

    Disabled student lands dream role in country hooked on social media