• Video streaming key in fight for Myanmar mobile subscribers

    Major carriers Ooredoo, MPT introduce discount data plans specifically for streaming

  • Singapore regulators apply 'sandbox' to support local fintech start-up

    Monetary authority suspends rules to allow PolicyPal to grow

  • South Korean interns head to Japanese companies

    Political differences put aside in favor of economics, cultural affinity

  • China on way back to being bicycle superpower

    Shared bikes have solved problems and created some of their own

  • Line splurges on huge Bangkok amusement arcade

    Company will invest $14.7m to leverage popularity of mobile messaging app

  • Japan's tsunami defenses come at a price: Vanishing beaches

    Erosion linked to sea walls is one reason 12 close every year

  • Japan's cross-held shares fall below 10% of all holdings

    Old zaibatsu ties coming undone as companies look for better returns

  • Japanese telecom groups support smart farming abroad

    SoftBank helping rice growers in Colombia; Docomo targets North America

  • Cheating allegation may stall Mercedes-Benz's rise in Japan

    Latest emissions scandal also puts overall diesel car sales at risk

  • Obtaining Japan Inc.'s stamp of approval

    Association introduces new system for evaluating foreigners' business savvy

  • Asian startup investment finally tops US tally

    Didi, other megadeals pushed total over $19bn last quarter

  • Philippines, Pakistan help motorcycle makers avoid the skids

    Demand in two countries surges just as sales slow elsewhere in Asia

  • 'Permatemp' gains new meaning in labor-scarce Japan

    More employers offer contract workers positions without time limit

  • Audi no longer China's top luxury brand

    Sales dive on spat over new dealer partnership

  • Video takes Japanese e-tail outside the search box

    Startups C Channel, Mercari use clips to add a personal touch to shopping online

  • Indian farmers see the profit in going organic

    Chemical-free products enjoy steady demand from wealthy consumers

  • South Korea, Taiwan, China lead surging chip investment

    Semiconductor capex seen passing 2000 peak this year as world craves memory

  • Smartphone shipments in China slump in first half

    Weak consumer spending spells trouble for overall economy

  • Japan to allow mixed-use buses, taxis to lighten shippers' load

    Cargo opportunities for drivers could save transit systems in rural areas

  • Netflix struggling to win over Asia

    China's closed door will continue to hinder growth of US giants, study shows