Massive traffic jams like this are a daily occurrence in Jakarta. (Photo by Ken Kobayashi)

ASEAN is looking good, but now looking up to China and India

Even with solid growth through 2050, region will still be dwarfed by two giants

  • Time for idealism is over in ASEAN

    Contradiction is the shared ideal beneath the grouping's multiple systems

  • At 50, ASEAN is still punching below its weight

    A stronger secretariat would help group build on its stability achievements

  • Ever-adaptable ASEAN confronts new tests

    After a fruitful 50 years, the bloc is divided by uneven wealth and China's rise

  • ASEAN is more than it may seem

    Regional grouping is still relevant after all these years

  • ASEAN's awkward midlife crisis

    Regional bloc needs closer integration to withstand challenges

  • For ASEAN, collective security is key to future

    As the group marks its 50th anniversary, security concerns loom as a deeply divisive issue

  • How ASEAN can stay relevant in next 50 years

    Leaders must develop a unified and coherent strategy

  • To survive another 50 years, ASEAN must learn from its past

    Internal divisions and big power interventions are likely to persist

  • ASEAN integration lags the real world

    China's rise and the digital economy are absent from the group's plans

  • Southeast Asian companies find ideal partners -- each other

    Cross-border alliances give global rivals a run for their money

  • AirAsia quenches Asia's thirst for budget travel

    After conquering Southeast Asia, CEO Fernandes eyes more routes, Chinese market

  • Toyota supply chain is Exhibit A of deepening ASEAN integration

    Carmaker capitalizes on falling trade barriers with plants across the bloc

  • In search of ASEAN 'champions'

    To grow, Southeast Asian bloc needs companies with proprietary tech

  • ASEAN integration evolved with auto industry's value chain: Nissan ex-COO

    Toshiyuki Shiga says region's unique division of labor was key to success