Asia Insight

Russia courts Southeast Asian partners with authoritarian streaks

Putin looks to capitalize on wariness of China and the West

  • Indonesian tycoons wager with confidence in Widodo's economy

    Armed with higher net worth, billionaires are making bolder investments

  • Brisk growth conceals 3 risks for Asia in 2018

    Beware of real estate distortions, high debt and sluggish spending

  • Japanese economy showing signs of exiting deflation

    Wage hikes hold the key to higher consumption as growth readies to enter 6th year

  • Indonesia's Islamists create re-election minefield for Widodo

    President counters smears with emphasis on Jerusalem and Rohingya

  • Joko Widodo vows to 'fix' Indonesia as political heat rises

    Interview offers early hints at the president's possible re-election tactics

  • China has India surrounded in their new Great Game

    Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan -- Beijing is pulling South Asia into its orbit

  • South Korean job market leaves young 'remainders' in cold

    Gulf between 'chaebol' and smaller employers sows frustration

  • Pope Francis clearing new path for Christianity in Asia

    Vatican watches over minorities while making overtures to China

  • China's Belt and Road sparks battle of the breadbaskets

    New infrastructure helps ex-Soviet grain exporters reach Asian markets

  • Indonesia lives dangerously with $355bn infrastructure drive

    State enterprises are racking up debt to keep projects going

  • Xi Jinping bests Trump in Asia-Pacific diplomacy

    US push for bilateral trade deals could make or break its regional influence

  • Modi emerges unscathed from demonetization shock

    Despite economic toll, Indian prime minister solidifies his power base

  • Duterte's Marawi crisis ends but fires of extremism still burn

    Philippines faces threat of reprisals as ASEAN neighbors fear spread of violence

  • Islamists cast a long shadow over Indonesian society

    The growing sway of hard-liners threatens the country's moderate, stable image