My Personal History: Carlos Ghosn

  • Carlos Ghosn (11) Open minds and enthusiasm: Early days in Tokyo

    Cultural sensitivity and a sincere desire to fix Nissan help Ghosn break the ice

  • Carlos Ghosn (10) The birth of the Nissan partnership

    Ghosn helps seal the deal with a presentation on slashing costs

  • Carlos Ghosn (9) 'Le Cost Cutter' strikes again

    Gambling on a controversial shakeup, 'outsider' Ghosn puts Renault back on track

  • Carlos Ghosn (8) On to a new adventure at Renault

    After 18 years at Michelin, Ghosn accepts offer to help revive French carmaker

  • Carlos Ghosn (7) Warm welcome, big challenges in America

    Lessons in integration -- and from Iacocca -- in the world's toughest market

  • Carlos Ghosn (6) Turbulence and triumph in Brazil

    A transfer across the Atlantic sees Ghosn hone his reform chops

  • Carlos Ghosn (5) On a roll with Michelin

    Forgoing further studies to join the tire maker brought lessons of a different kind

  • Carlos Ghosn (4) Student life in Paris: A steep learning curve

    After a rough start, Ghosn enjoyed academic success in the French capital

  • Carlos Ghosn (3) The unforgettable Father Lagrovole

    A move to Lebanon leads to valuable life lessons from a respected teacher

  • Carlos Ghosn (2) The history of my family, the story of me

    How his Lebanese roots and childhood in Brazil shaped Ghosn from an early age

  • Carlos Ghosn (1) Up in the air on New Year's

    Nissan chief opens up about himself and what it takes to succeed in a global age