China up close

  • Pyongyang missile footage is a dagger to Xi's throat

    A coup plot, a wiretap and an execution have left blood allies with no trust

  • Xi loyalists grab the reins of pivotal projects

    Belt and Road, Beijing redevelopment spark dangerous turf wars

  • Xi flexes military muscle in quest to follow Mao

    But a close aide is hit by 'friendly fire,' giving political foes more ammunition

  • Most-wanted tycoon keeps Chinese leaders' ears burning

    Popular TV series overlaps with real life as chess game for power escalates

  • Xi tears up succession script with Chongqing shocker

    Chinese president promotes yet another protege defying consensus candidates

  • Xi Jinping's empty North Korea promise pays off

    100-day plan with Trump bought time to fight political battles at home

  • Xi tells his troops: 'Call me chairman'

    By resurrecting Mao's old title, China's leader wants to show his rivals who's boss

  • The kingmaker clan behind Xi Jinping

    Some 2,000km south of Beijing, the Ye family pulls the levers of power

  • China's Xi maneuvers to extend his reign

    As 'core' leader, the president may try to break retirement rules

  • Xi wants same status as Mao and Deng

    President stays in spotlight even on 20th anniversary of Deng's death

  • Xi Jinping and the 'man who knew too much'

    Billionaire's disappearance ups pressure on Chinese VIPs to choose sides

  • Is Hu Jintao about to go toe-to-toe with Xi?

    Ex-president pokes his head out in prelude to next big Beijing battle

  • Xi Jinping's back channel to Donald Trump

    A university advisory board could become key China-US conduit

  • Xi, Trump share same Achilles' heel

    Both play favorites, surround themselves with yes men

  • China flexing aircraft carrier muscle, but so far it's a 'paper tiger'

    New vessel has nowhere near capability of US ships, but still boosts Xi ahead of key meeting

  • Power-hungry Xi Jinping's newfound 'magic wand'

    President dreams up new state institution to crack down on corruption

  • Trump's pro-Taiwan advisers making waves in East Asia

    Incoming president's inner circle ups ante on 'one China' policy

  • 'Your Name' boom in China could end in an instant

    Japanese blockbuster could suffer same fate as K-pop

  • Trump pushes the limits of Xi's patience

    Can Beijing keep its cool as its military grows antsy?

  • China heeds Kissinger's advice on Taiwan call

    US ex-diplomat urged Xi to take wait-and-see approach to Trump