Cover story

At Tokyo's Ruriden columbarium, LED lights guide each visitor to the niche holding the cremated remains of their loved ones. (Photo by Ken Kobayashi)

Funerals for the 21st century: Asia's new ways to say goodbye

From drive-thru cemeteries to 'green' burials, rituals are changing with the times

  • A party before dying: Japanese are embracing the logic of the 'pre-funeral'

    Terminally ill businessman wanted to say farewell on his own terms

  • Asia's airline wars: The great profit squeeze in the sky

    Competition from budget upstarts and Chinese carriers is hitting flag carriers

  • Vietjet shows the ambition behind its gimmicks

    Founded in 2011, the Vietnamese budget airline has captured 40% of the domestic market

  • Asia's 'impact investors' favor social investment over charity

    Returns expected to keep pace with conventional stakes

  • 'Social enterprises' rise in Asia amid skepticism

    New breed of company aims to help the world -- and make money

  • How the iPhone reshaped Asian tech

    Apple and its suppliers have thrived but growth worries loom

  • Apple's Chinese suppliers catapult to a new level

    Luxshare, hailed by Cook, is among the winners

  • Religious extremism poses threat to ASEAN's growth

    Aided by social media, hardliners gain mainstream support

  • Ugly social media wars fueling intolerance in Asia

    Similar tactics are cropping up across different areas and different faiths

  • Asia braces for the end of easy money

    Higher foreign exchange reserves should help avoid a 'taper tantrum' but other risks remain

  • When earning nothing is a blessing

    Pension obligations loom in an era of low yields

  • China gains in race to develop AI-enabled weapons

    Expansion into "dual-use" technology poses challenge to US dominance

  • With cash and perks, China woos the brightest tech minds

    Beijing's push comes as the US cuts science funding and tightens visa rules

  • How Bangkok became a model for mass transit

    The city's safe and reliable rail systems give emerging Asia something to aspire to

  • Emerging Asian economies race to build metros amid choking congestion

    Manila, Jakarta and Ho Chi Minh City invest heavily in new transport systems

  • Don't let the rally fool you -- Japan Inc. has a lot of work to do

    For faster growth, companies must embrace the innovation seen at the Facebooks and Amazons

  • Is Japan's stock market rally for real?

    The Bank of Japan helped push equities to 26-year highs, but exit strategy questions remain

  • Japan faces new competition in the race for 'regenerative medicine'

    Promising iPS cell technology could lead to breakthroughs in Parkinson's disease, blindness and paralysis

  • Japan's challenge: bringing iPS cell products to market

    Lab error highlights the need for a strategy that includes the corporate sector