Cover story

Is Japan's stock market rally for real?

The Bank of Japan helped push equities to 26-year highs, but exit strategy questions remain

  • Don't let the rally fool you -- Japan Inc. has a lot of work to do

    For faster growth, companies must embrace the innovation seen at the Facebooks and Amazons

  • Japan faces new competition in the race for 'regenerative medicine'

    Promising iPS cell technology could lead to breakthroughs in Parkinson's disease, blindness and paralysis

  • Japan's challenge: bringing iPS cell products to market

    Lab error highlights the need for a strategy that includes the corporate sector

  • Thailand reaches a turning point as the Bhumibol era ends

    After a year of mourning, how will the country confront its political and economic problems?

  • King Bhumibol Adulyadej's last encounter with the foreign press

    Being monarch was 'great fun,' but like having an upside-down pyramid on his neck

  • Can Asia fall in love with tea again?

    Coffee's rise has tea companies scrambling to rebrand the region's favorite drink

  • 30 billion bottles and counting: Japan's green tea titan

    Ito En dominates at home, and now it wants the world

  • Healthy versus hip: A Sri Lankan tea boss takes on coffee

    Dilmah Tea's CEO sees millennials embracing the ancient elixir

  • Will Hong Kong spark a race to the bottom in IPO rules?

    Three years after missing Alibaba, HKEx rethinks investor rights

  • Initial coin offerings: investing's wild frontier

    New -- and sometimes shady -- crowdfunding method has regulators scrambling to keep up

  • China goes all out to be king of the electric car

    But will drivers embrace battery-powered vehicles before the lavish subsidies run out?

  • Inside Abe's election gamble

    The prime minister wasn't counting on Yuriko Koike

  • Xi digs in for the long haul

    China's leader is set to take his power to new heights at the party congress

  • Why Tencent and Alibaba are China's most powerful investors

    The tech titans are gorging on startups in a race some say harms innovation

  • Will North Korea set off a new arms buildup in Asia?

    Kim's nuclear tactics test US commitment to protect Japan and South Korea

  • Inside the fight for the soul of Infosys

    The boardroom drama reflects the disruption facing India's IT service industry