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Indonesian President Joko Widodo is greeted by Indonesian migrant workers in Hong Kong on April 30, 2017. So far, the rise of Islamist politics has not hurt his popularity.

Jokowi's popularity strong ahead of Indonesian elections

Performance key to president's success, FTCR survey finds

  • ASEAN economies ill-prepared for old age

    Demographic clock ticking for aging Southeast Asia, FTCR survey shows

  • Indonesia expecting to see a big-ticket recovery in 2018

    FTCR survey shows improving household incomes inspiring consumers to spend

  • Honda, Ducati lead shift to big motorbikes in Thailand

    High-end brands cash in on local, foreign demand: FT Confidential Research

  • Chinese casualwear tries the Uniqlo, Muji look to survive

    Customers choose speed and sensibility over glitz and glut: FTCR data

  • Southeast Asia ready to embrace blockchain

    Central banks are wary of cryptocurrencies but keen on the underlying technology

  • Real estate woes hit China business activity

    FTCR index at three-month low as tighter credit dents housing sales

  • Indonesia's mobile payments industry to enter defining year

    Competition, technology and regulations bring boost to mobile payments

  • Telcos and banks battle over Philippines cashless payments

    Cashless transactions growing, but compatibility and security issues remain

  • Urban China goes private as universal health cover falls short

    Rising incomes allow more households to supplement the overburdened government system

  • Political fatigue wears on Thai consumers

    Election, economy damp political sentiment as one-year royal mourning period ends

  • Malaysia struggles to attract more tourists

    Total visitor arrivals fall as border-crossing fees bite

  • Thai households still suffer debt hangover

    FTCR data show consumer debt will remain a drag on the economy; regulations will help

  • China crackdown on pollution and housing to hit excavator sales

    Dealers see triple-digit sales growth ending as winter approaches

  • China congress will disappoint hopes for radical economic change

    Leadership has highlighted gradual approach to policy commitments

  • Electric vehicle race is on in Southeast Asia

    Thailand and Malaysia most likely to attract investment in domestic production

  • Strong service sector boosts China labor demand

    FTCR China Labour Market Index up in September but historically weak

  • China's Zhengzhou banishes ghosts but struggles for second act

    City ambitious to become regional hub but real estate and infrastructure hold sway

  • Struggle for foreign brands in China spreads to provinces

    FTCR data show multinationals under pressure from local rivals in key urban markets

  • Road looking clear for car-hailing in the Philippines

    Despite Uber's recent suspension, regulatory improvements likely for the sector