FT Confidential Research

  • Adidas edges out Nike in race for female Chinese shoppers

    Latest FTCR survey finds Nike most popular overall but Adidas winning among women

  • Malaysians believe it is a bad time to buy property

    Consumers concerned over state of economy despite rise in growth

  • Chinese manufacturing jobs vanish as robots take over

    Migrant workers vulnerable to companies chasing productivity gains through automation

  • Asean DataView -- Vietnamese feel better off

    Vietnamese rank their financial wellbeing highest among Asean households

  • Chinese households expect yuan to hit 10-year low in 2017

    Forex demand rises on expectations the currency will fall another 5.5%

  • Indonesian car demand set to weaken to near 2014 levels

    Sluggish economic growth puts brake on consumer spending

  • Chinese capital curbs to crimp Thai real estate inflows

    FTCR survey finds growing demand among middle-income buyers but forex controls hurt

  • Lower-tier Chinese cities to drive auto demand in 2017

    FT Confidential Research data predict rising sales, though tax increase will drag

  • Falling costs drive bricks-and-mortar renaissance in China

    Narrowing online-offline price gap brings new lease of life to physical stores

  • Malaysian consumer borrowing growth to recover weakly in 2017

    Data suggest fragile recovery for household loan growth

  • Thai consumers expected to fuel growth in 2017

    FT Confidential Research survey finds increasing economic optimism in fourth quarter

  • Fast-fashion brands defy slowdown in China's apparel market

    Popularity of global casualwear brands rises in second- and third-tier cities

  • Regulators lose patience with 'barbarian' insurers

    Public attack by regulator highlights concerns about insurers' stock market influence

  • ASEAN -- Trump a Pandora's box of uncertainty

    Post-election outflow of money casts shadow over region

  • China -- Growth remains steady but storm clouds gathering

    Falling housing sales, rising capital outflows are challenges for 2017

  • Philippines -- Pushing the accelerator on infrastructure build-out

    President Duterte is pushing hard against the barriers to get big project funding

  • Indonesia -- Ore export ban reversal unlikely

    Mining law expected to tighten from January 2017 despite intense industry lobbying

  • South Korean cosmetics a hit among young Chinese as K-pop booms

    FT Confidential Research survey finds growing popularity for Korean cosmetics brands