Immigration crackdown

Asian students walk on the campus of the University of Southern California, in Los Angeles. USC hosts one of the largest international student bodies of any university in the U.S. (Photo by Hiroyuki Nishimura)

Chinese and South Koreans reconsider the American dream

Trump is giving people second thoughts about their relocation plans

  • Asian Muslims cast a wary eye on Trump's travel ban

    Indonesians and Malaysians fear growing discrimination from US president

  • Filipinos fret as a key lifeline comes under threat

    Tougher immigration rules could squeeze remittances from the US

  • Indians wonder whether a job in the US is still worth it

    Growing climate of discrimination may outweigh economic advantages

  • US tech sector braces for visa upheaval

    Mooted changes to H-1B work permits would make hiring foreign talent even harder

  • Trump's anti-immigrant message hits home for Asians

    Visa crackdown is turning the American dream into a nightmare of uncertainty

  • Hate and hope in America's heartland

    After past tragedy, the Rust Belt is to learning to embrace Asian immigrants

  • Dreamers: The realities of life as an undocumented immigrant

    Taken to the US as children, many know nothing other than life in America

  • What Trump has done and might do next

    Sanctuary jurisdictions, H-1B visas next in the firing line

  • The Asian-American community reacts

    Fear and anxiety spur call to action

  • Civil rights lawyer Karin Wang on Trump crackdown

    Asian-Americans have an 'important role' to play in resisting targeting of immigrants