Looking ahead 2018

New faces at Asia central banks

Change of the guard increases policy uncertainties

  • Could China spring a nice surprise in 2018?

    Xi could prove pessimists wrong in economic and foreign policy

  • Chinese films held back by one-party rule

    Beijing's heavy hand dooms dreams of global blockbusters to disappointment

  • Japanese people must embrace reforms

    Government is doing its bit, now time for everyone else

  • Moon's tax hikes too big for South Korea's economy

    Companies likely to step up drive to expand overseas production

  • Will Thailand return to electoral democracy in 2018?

    Five key scenarios loom as possible outcomes in the country's uneven transition from military rule

  • Alibaba in 2018 -- Beijing or the market?

    Will Jack Ma have to choose between duty to Wall St shareholders and loyalty to team Xi?

  • Pyeongchang Winter Olympics face uphill battle for success

    Outlook clouded by North Korean belligerence and Chinese ban on tour groups

  • 9 Asian business newsmakers to watch in 2018

    From acquisitive tycoons to key corporate strategizers

  • Fortune favors bold innovators: KKR founder

    Japan needs to be less dependent on manufacturing

  • Is Japan set to join the world of esports?

    Pro licences could finally bring global gaming giant to the table

  • Authoritarianism is accelerating in Southeast Asia

    The China model is winning, at the expense of liberal values

  • With technological change, the good will outweigh the bad: Hitachi's Nakanishi

    Disruptive innovations should ultimately benefit society

  • OPEC, against the odds, reboots global oil markets for 2018

    'Exit strategy' from output cuts will bring a new challenge in the new year

  • That's a wrap! What made the business headlines in 2017

    Mobile payments, electric vehicles and bitcoin lead Asia's digital shift

  • Risk of US-North Korea clash increasing: China adviser Jia

    China, South Korea, US yet to forge coordinated plan for crisis and aftermath

  • Japan serious about improving China relations: Chief Secretary Suga

    Pledges a higher consumption tax rate and lower social security spending

  • 2018 to see growing China-Japan economic rivalry in Asia

    As Trump pulls back Tokyo will step up -- and conflict more with Beijing

  • Prepare for unexpected risk: India's Rajan

    Former central banker says policy normalization will be 'very slow'

  • Can Modi revive flagging Indian economy before 2019 election?

    Strong political record contrasts with patchy economic scorecard