Rohingya crisis

Myanmar minister: Rohingya repatriation can begin in November

Return could take 10 years to complete due to complex verification process

  • Rohingya crisis raises risks of terrorism and social unrest

    Refugee influx burdens Bangladesh with an 'impossible' task

  • Myanmar moves to stave off credit crunch

    New central bank regulations threaten to squeeze lending

  • Aung San Suu Kyi speaks, but does the world believe her?

    Myanmar's state counselor treads cautiously along a precarious line

  • Myths and realities behind the Rakhine crisis

    Condemnation of Aung San Suu Kyi highlights ironies of Myanmar's recent history

  • Rakhine crisis: Still time for a course correction

    Amid humanitarian disaster, Myanmar's allies could help resolve Rohingya dilemma

  • Rohingya refugee camps over capacity as 270,000 flee: UNHCR

    Muslim minority seeks shelter in Bangladesh as Myanmar forces, insurgents clash

  • Tangled interests keep Myanmar's Asian partners mum on Rohingya

    Japan, China, India reluctant to pile on as Suu Kyi blames fake news

  • India inks maritime partnership deals with Myanmar

    Infrastructure, security agreements aim to counter China's diplomatic offensive

  • UN chief calls North Korea 'most dangerous crisis we face'

    Guterres urges international action on nuclear threat, Rohingya issue and climate change

  • Asian neighbors add pressure on Suu Kyi to act on Rohingya crisis

    Indian prime minister to add to Indonesia's call for violence to stop

  • Rakhine crisis blights Myanmar economic outlook

    Looming 'humanitarian catastrophe' dampens international relations, business sentiment

  • Indonesian minister meets Suu Kyi as Rohingya crisis deepens

    President Joko Widodo pressured to act by local Muslim groups

  • Rakhine conflict could ignite regional religious tensions

    Myanmar's harsh crackdown on Rohingya population draws extreme international responses

  • Buddhist nationalism challenges Myanmar's government

    Monastic leaders signal fear of sudden social change as public protests resume

  • Myanmar steps up crackdown against Rohingya insurgents

    World warns against persecuting Muslim minority

  • At least 70 dead in Myanmar after attacks on security forces

    Death toll among Rohingya, military climbs as ethnic strife in Rakhine deepens

  • Myanmar urged to grant Rohingya citizenship

    Panel led by ex-UN chief calls for repealing law that disenfranchises Muslim minority

  • Chilling developments in Rohingya crisis put Myanmar in hot seat

    Escalating violence, refugee flows threaten the country's global standing

  • Embattled Suu Kyi crafts a 'fightback' strategy

    Myanmar's de facto leader aims to counter criticism over Rohingya, reform delays