Tea Leaves

Soprano He Hui, right, performs in Opera Hong Kong's "Tosca" in October 2015 with tenor Warren Mok. (Courtesy of Opera Hong Kong)

The remarkable ability of opera to defy cultural appropriation

Chinese soprano He Hui highlights the art's focus on ability, not nationality

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    Taronga Zoo uses technology to help endangered cats far away

  • For many music lovers in Japan, 'real' means vinyl

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  • Progress on the bumpy road to democracy

    East Timor provides a small but timely example of the power of the ballot box

  • Populism fails to catch fire in Japan

    Gripes from the young and fears for the future won't fuel radical politics

  • Chasing North Korean diplomats in Manila

    Close up, Pyongyang's leaders look less scary than their rhetoric sounds

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    Prime minister's family feud goes viral, provides public a rare chance to vent

  • Sweet or bitter: The 'tea train' evokes colonial legacy

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  • Martial law to mosh pit: Taiwan's path to freedom

    Anniversary of move toward democracy sparks celebration and reflection

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    Can country maintain its delicate balancing act between East and West?

  • As a city, Yangon is still searching for its mojo

    Uneven development leaves Myanmar's largest city in a state of flux

  • Saving endangered languages, one child at a time

  • Myanmar speaks out through TEDx

    Country finds its voice to define challenges as the people build a "new Myanmar"

  • Behind Asia's curious 'strongmen' culture

    Philppine coup leader 'Gringo' Honasan reflects on turbulent times -- and backs current strongman

  • Swarming visitors are a boon and a bane for an Asian Shangri-La

    Bhutan's astute tourism policies are tested as the world discovers paradise

  • We're all rabbits now

    As new house sizes shrink, design quality will become the critical factor

  • Strawberry fields forever

    Entrepreneurial woman farmer's passion spans Thailand's urban-rural divide

  • Myanmar's monument to myth

    Cosmetic vision of national harmony belies fraught history of ethnic relations

  • 007 shows how Tokyo and London can revive security alliance

    James Bond and Tiger Tanaka point the way as Abe and May confront regional change

  • Luxe 'lite' takes flight in Asia

    Spread of 'premium economy' seating reflects rising middle-class aspirations