Japan Update

  • Japan department stores upbeat on tax-free sales as tourists return

    Skin care products driving recovery, but apparel remains a liability

  • US beef prices rise further in Japan as emergency tariff kicks in

    Restaurant demand remains largely unfazed amid higher duties

  • Japan readies certification for healthier office buildings

    Push to enhance work environment covers everything from lighting to air quality

  • Quarterly profit climbs for nearly 70% of corporate Japan

    Manufacturers lead the way on healthy global demand, weak yen

  • Restart delayed for Kyushu Electric's nuclear reactors

    Screening fell behind, causing domino effect for Japanese utility

  • Abe avoids Yasukuni land mine on WWII anniversary

    Entire Japanese cabinet stays away from war-linked shrine amid North Korean threat

  • Monex launching online brokerage business in Australia

    Japanese group aims to tap retirement savings through cheap fees

  • Exclusive

    Alibaba to cash in on Japan's nascent e-payment market

    China's top player in the field hunting for growth abroad

  • Twin towers to replace Toshiba head office in Tokyo

    Nomura Real Estate, JR East unveil plan for $3bn mixed-use complex

  • Japan's Kyokuyo readies fully farmed tuna for market

    Seafood distributor joins growing bluefin aquaculture industry

  • Toyota rolls out bargain sedan in Thailand

    Lower-cost offerings aim to regain ground in key ASEAN market

  • Abe, Trump focus on thwarting Pyongyang's missile plans

    South Korea's Moon pledges to prevent a war 'at all costs'

  • How a tiny textile maker charmed the likes of Louis Vuitton

    Synthetics from Japan's Daiichi Orimono look and feel like linen and cotton

  • Japan PM Abe sends ritual offering to Yasukuni shrine for war dead

  • Japan minting heftier fines on gold smuggling

    Customs busts hit record levels amid higher sales tax

  • Japan tightens missile defenses as North Korea aims for Guam

    Tokyo scrambles to guard against failed projectiles, falling debris

  • Japan Market Pulse

    North Korea isn't only shadow on Tokyo's sunny earnings

    Yen risk, brighter economic prospects abroad undermine case to buy Japan

  • Mitsubishi Heavy unit to boost all-purpose engine production

    Farm machines in China, water pumps in Middle East fuel demand

  • Japanese solar project aims to bridge India's energy gap

    Hitachi, Itochu part of public-private partnership launching demonstration

  • Japan looks to put more abandoned property to use

    Municipalities will track down absentee owners and broker sales