Buddhist monks attending ​an English language panel session at the Irrawaddy Literary Festival listen to live Burmese translation by volunteers. (Photo by Ben Dunant)

Myanmar's Rakhine crisis divides literary world

Mandalay writers festival reflects a deepening chill between Naypyitaw and the West

  • Myanmar's preservation man pursues dream museum

    Tycoon plans private museum for his vast collection of treasures

  • They arrived in Southeast Asia, built fortunes and kept secrets

    Now Peranakan descendants are trying to preserve a rich culture

  • Indian startup turns air pollutants into ink for art

    Bangalore's Graviky Labs develops tool to capture soot for recycling

  • Thailand's 'Generation Doc' puts contemporary realities on screen

    Young filmmakers lure a growing audience to tales of everyday struggles

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    Kazuo Ishiguro: A writer free from boundaries

    Recalling an encounter with the UK-based Nobel laureate

  • Japan-born Brit Kazuo Ishiguro wins Nobel Prize in literature

    Author of 'The Remains of the Day' was born in Nagasaki, grew up in UK

  • Chinese ceramic sets record price at Sotheby's auction

    Anonymous bidder pays $37.7m for Northern Song dynasty dish in Hong Kong

  • Minol Araki, painter without a home

    Years after his death, Japanese artist draws admiration in the West

  • Making Japan's heritage accessible without spoiling it

    Debate heats up over preserving cultural assets as interest surges ahead of Olympics

  • Chinese-American's 1932 painting kicks off Hong Kong sales

    Sotheby's offers celebrated Yun Gee work with $10m-$15m estimate

  • Enigmatic potters gear up for West Bengal's most important religious festival

    Kolkata's expert artisans give life to the most beloved legend

  • Southeast Asian art scene inspires Japan's creators

    Contemporary curators, artists keen on cross-border collaboration

  • Ryuichi Sakamoto awarded DG First Penguin Award

    Renowned musician notes internet's capacity for empowerment, disruption

  • Investors laughing as 'Wolf Warrior II' kills at the box office

    Patriotic movie praised by state media,

  • The 172-year-old Japanese garden for the digital age

    Come to Mifuneyama Rakuen for the scenery, stay for the graphical wizardry

  • 'Paramount lover?' Hong Kong opera puts new spin on life of Mao

    Feng shui master plans on taking controversial production to mainland

  • Bandai Namco to bow out of overseas anime streaming

    Cool Japan fails to attract paid subscribers as US rivals dominate content wars

  • George Town breaks new ground for Asian festivals

    Leading art event brings international visitors, world class performances to Malaysian heritage city

  • Genius marketing squeezes most from blockbuster 'Your Name'

    Toho ships estimated 1.2 million discs as movie still runs, fans still thrilled