Though many Japanese cultural exports are struggling to make headway overseas, anime remains as popular as ever. © Reuters

Bandai Namco to bow out of overseas anime streaming

Cool Japan fails to attract paid subscribers as US rivals dominate content wars

  • George Town breaks new ground for Asian festivals

    Leading art event brings international visitors, world class performances to Malaysian heritage city

  • Genius marketing squeezes most from blockbuster 'Your Name'

    Toho ships estimated 1.2 million discs as movie still runs, fans still thrilled

  • Japan's national museums work to lure foreign visitors

    Art, science galleries stay open later, add multilingual descriptions

  • Thailand's exotic cats becoming hard to find

    The numbers of siamese, khaomanee and other breeds are falling

  • Two Southeast Asian exhibitions open in Tokyo

    Culture and diversity of region celebrated through art

  • Can newspapers survive in the 21st Century?

    Media heavyweights discuss print, social media and the future newsroom

  • Times a-changin' in J-pop as ex-SMAP stars exit super-agency

    Johnny's disdain for internet could leave room for upstarts to flourish

  • Film highlights 'enfant terrible' of Australian art world

    Brett Whiteley film explores wild life of internationally acclaimed artist

  • Spreading the Studio Ghibli bug in Indonesia

    Japanese animation house in year-long campaign to promote its films locally

  • Japan's Noh theater breathes new life in Malaysia

    Drama master seeks to extend boundaries of secretive 650-year-old art form

  • Theme park to recreate Studio Ghibli's world of anime

    New attraction to open in early 2020s in central Japan

  • Cambodian contemporary art comes of age

    Provocative generation of artists tackles troubled history and current woes

  • Anime legend Miyazaki returns to the director's chair

    New movie in the works, his studio confirms

  • Tea Leaves

    007 shows how Tokyo and London can revive security alliance

    James Bond and Tiger Tanaka point the way as Abe and May confront regional change

  • Royalty changes strike sour note among Japan's music teachers

    Schools set to take copyright collective to court over scope of performance rights

  • Tiny Italian city hosts Asia's biggest cinema showcase in West

    Top Asian filmmakers and stars flock to Udine for casual, low-key interaction with fellow filmmakers, audiences

  • Anime a $21bn market -- in China

    Young consumers with cash ready to splurge on Japanese content

  • Nepalese earthquake rubble inspires creative response

    Two years after deadly tremor, local artists seek meaning in aftermath of disaster

  • Chiang Mai: Thailand's modern-day Left Bank

    Evolution of Thai northern city into creative hub fuels hopes of gaining UNESCO status