• Royalty changes strike sour note among Japan's music teachers

    Schools set to take copyright collective to court over scope of performance rights

  • Tiny Italian city hosts Asia's biggest cinema showcase in West

    Top Asian filmmakers and stars flock to Udine for casual, low-key interaction with fellow filmmakers, audiences

  • Anime a $21bn market -- in China

    Young consumers with cash ready to splurge on Japanese content

  • Nepalese earthquake rubble inspires creative response

    Two years after deadly tremor, local artists seek meaning in aftermath of disaster

  • Chiang Mai: Thailand's modern-day Left Bank

    Evolution of Thai northern city into creative hub fuels hopes of gaining UNESCO status

  • Musician revives traditional Sarawak instrument

    Reappearance of the sape helps to update heritage of Malaysia's Kelabit people

  • Japan's gateway to Broadway to license own musicals to China

    Shiki Theater inks first deal with Chinese company to increase earnings

  • Campaign seeks return of Aboriginal artist's lost copyright

    Slighted watercolorist's landscapes now hang in Australian national museum

  • Studio-backed Japanese venture to stream anime music

    Flat-rate service seeks to fill niche poorly served by the Western names

  • Sony Music teams up with anime producer for big Asian crowds

    Festival highlights Japanese culture, manga, music

  • Human Go masters, AI begin world championship

    DeepZenGo competing with players from Japan, South Korea and China

  • Dark chapter of Taiwan history memorialized in music

    Hong Kong-born composer disclaims political intentions

  • Vietnam makes tourism ambassador of King Kong director

    Box office success fires official interest in attracting foreign filmmakers

  • Art finds its place in the new Yangon

    Gallery walking tour throws fresh light on heritage and modernity

  • Singapore reinvents itself as regional film hub

    Foreign and local interests see growing potential in the former bastion of conservatism

  • Jolie premieres film on Khmer Rouge horrors

    Hollywood actress turned director portrays child's eye view of Cambodia's 'killing fields'

  • Seductively silent art bridges East and West

    Miya Ando's work reflects her complex roots and Buddhist heritage

  • Asia's Standouts

    A Pakistani director tackles taboos

    Academy Award-winner Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy uses her camera to shine a light

  • Is Japan ready to love a transgender lead character?

    Naoko Ogigami's gentle film 'Close-Knit' set to touch audiences' emotions

  • Peking opera by Japanese students warms icy sentiment in China

    Room for Japan's companies to do more to promote cultural exchanges