Japan Trends

The Diamond Princess, operated by Princess Cruises of the U.S., is fully booked between April and November this year.

Younger Japanese in the mood for a cruise

Shorter, cheaper trips have more families and first-timers taking to the water

  • Not your grandmother's cup of tea

    Elegance and flavor breathe new life into a traditional Japanese drink

  • Plus-size fashionista tells Japan's apparel industry where to go

    Niche market flourishing as long-neglected segment championed by Naomi Watanabe

  • Japan readies certification for healthier office buildings

    Push to enhance work environment covers everything from lighting to air quality

  • Hokkaido looks to indigenous heritage for tourism appeal

    Japan's northernmost island plugs culture and nature with foreign visitors

  • Tokyo's Ginza Six can't get window shoppers to open wallets

    Upscale shopping destination leaves some visitors feeling out of place

  • Japan may tax foreign visitors to spruce up tourist sites

    Far from decided, move could pour cold water on tourism boom

  • Japan to trigger safeguard tariffs on US frozen beef

    Consumers likely to feel impact of temporary hike to 50%

  • 'Pokemon Go' players, it's time to meet your teammates

    New monsters can only be captured by collaborating with others

  • Tokyo restaurant invites guests to a digital world

    Up to 16 guests per evening can experience unique blending of food and space

  • Tourists to Japan boosted spending 13% in April-June

    Tally tops $8bn, reaching record as visitor numbers grow

  • Japanese port city serves bonito 'shockingly' fresh

    Shimanto eateries elevate a common recipe with salt and extra toppings

  • More Japanese seeking debt restructuring

    Borrowers struggling with multiple loans

  • Prodigy rewrites Japanese-chess records at age 14

    Youngest-ever pro tops some of the best on his way to 29 straight wins

  • Japan travel agency to help foreigners find tour guides

    H.I.S. seeks to register 500 guides, taking advantage of law revision

  • Japan to let foreign anime talent seek permanent residency

    Red carpet awaits professionals in fashion, design

  • Ditching your tie doesn't cut it on casual Friday, Itochu says

    Japanese trading house turns to Isetan to help workers really dress down

  • 'Donki' to bring ceiling to floor mega discounts to Asia

    Popular Japan chain to open store in Singapore, eyes regional expansion

  • Foreign Airbnb guests soar 40% in Japan

    Parliament debating law allowing service to operate nationwide

  • Ancient Japanese capital to put up tourists in historic prison

    Nara betting on $134m hotel project to ease shortage of accommodations