Japan Trends

This is Hana-chan, who passes out if your body odor is too strong.

You know your BO is bad when your dog passes out

Insolent robot also tells you when you're wearing too much perfume

  • Japanese girl group's fame has Philippines singing same tune

    Pop idol band AKB48 hopes to spread concept to Southeast Asia

  • Wagyu Olympics picks winners with eye on beef industry's future

    Superior marbling is no longer the only key standard for Japanese cattle

  • Tea Leaves

    For many music lovers in Japan, 'real' means vinyl

    The tables are turning for a part of the industry once in decline

  • Japan faces shortages of samurai, ninja

    Foreign tourists eager to be sneaked up on, assassinated

  • The 172-year-old Japanese garden for the digital age

    Come to Mifuneyama Rakuen for the scenery, stay for the graphical wizardry

  • Okinawa reels in tuna lovers

    Japan's southern island prefecture has more to offer foodies than pork

  • Japanese McDonald's fans select 'Makudo' as official nickname

    Lighthearted 'referendum' on what to call hamburger chain picks 'western Japan' name

  • Younger Japanese in the mood for a cruise

    Shorter, cheaper trips have more families and first-timers taking to the water

  • Not your grandmother's cup of tea

    Elegance and flavor breathe new life into a traditional Japanese drink

  • Plus-size fashionista tells Japan's apparel industry where to go

    Niche market flourishing as long-neglected segment championed by Naomi Watanabe

  • Japan readies certification for healthier office buildings

    Push to enhance work environment covers everything from lighting to air quality

  • Hokkaido looks to indigenous heritage for tourism appeal

    Japan's northernmost island plugs culture and nature with foreign visitors

  • Tokyo's Ginza Six can't get window shoppers to open wallets

    Upscale shopping destination leaves some visitors feeling out of place

  • Japan may tax foreign visitors to spruce up tourist sites

    Far from decided, move could pour cold water on tourism boom

  • Japan to trigger safeguard tariffs on US frozen beef

    Consumers likely to feel impact of temporary hike to 50%

  • 'Pokemon Go' players, it's time to meet your teammates

    New monsters can only be captured by collaborating with others

  • Tokyo restaurant invites guests to a digital world

    Up to 16 guests per evening can experience unique blending of food and space

  • Tourists to Japan boosted spending 13% in April-June

    Tally tops $8bn, reaching record as visitor numbers grow

  • Japanese port city serves bonito 'shockingly' fresh

    Shimanto eateries elevate a common recipe with salt and extra toppings