Japan Trends

  • Record number of foreign visitors flock to Japan in April

    Experience-based tourism, more cruise ships spur surge in arrivals

  • Buddhist priests and nuns are going pop in Japan

    Temple concerts and saintly get-ups are helping win new fans among the young

  • The art of (almost) spinning out of control

    Japanese 'drifting' circuits are attracting foreign fans looking to burn rubber

  • All aboard! Japan's Shiki-Shima luxury train makes maiden journey

    Travel through Tohoku and Hokkaido in an $8400 suite complete with cypress bath

  • Sushi, guided taxis and Tsukiji market top Live Japan Awards

    Multilingual travel guide ranks its most-searched facilities and services

  • Japan touts 'hands-free travel' by storing tourists' luggage

    New sightseeing routes designed with foreign visitors in mind

  • Cool Japan Fund to build theaters in Osaka

    New attractions to showcase Japanese culture, traditional arts

  • Mao Asada's retirement helps toymaker twirl up orders

    Tomy doll wears re-creation of skater's Sochi Olympics costume

  • Sightseers in Japan stop to raise their own kawaii quotients

    Salons getting steady stream of tourists seeking cute hairdos, 'lucky nails'

  • The Disneyland experience: Wait here for 150 minutes

    Survey indicates long lines are turning off some potential park-goers

  • Fintech spurs rebound in finance job hopping

    Japanese firms pulling more talent from foreign peers

  • Tokyo Girls Collection charms its way into many hearts -- and wallets

    Biannual fashion extravaganza pushes 'see now, buy now'

  • 'Real' manga shop in Tokyo targets tourists

    Industry hopes the real thing can weed out overseas counterfeits

  • Japan's latest fashion trend: outer lingerie

    New style lets women show off their lacy (not) undergarments

  • Cherry blossoms, deadlines greet Tokyoites on second Premium Friday

    Fiscal year-end puts damper on some events

  • Venerable Japan travel agency brings back tour guides for Asia

    Seasoned conductors included to reassure older travelers

  • Boxing in the dark lets shy Tokyoites awaken inner 'b-monsters'

    New fitness company keeps the lights low and the music loud

  • Samurai theme park looks upmarket with castle hotel

    $44,000 rooms in replica of 16th-century tower target wealthy Japanophiles

  • Japan takes step toward ending room-rental ban

    Bill seen boosting nascent sharing economy

  • At 50, Japan's oldest soccer pro continues to inspire

    'King Kazu' Miura may have lost a step, but he can still mix it up with the best