Blood samples from patients in MORU's malaria studies ready for analysis. (Photo by Gerhard Jörén (c) 2017 Mahidol-Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit.

Researchers attack Mekong malaria superbug on multiple fronts

Fears grow that drug-resistant strains will jump from Southeast Asia to Africa

  • Modern India warms to Mahatma Gandhi's spartan retreat

    Visitors flock to assassinated leader's ashram as it celebrates centenary year

  • Is the demographic time bomb already making Japan less safe?

    Spate of train delays blamed on lack of qualified engineers

  • Thai team fights climate change with aerial reseeding

    Pioneer scientists seek to move reforesting from the Stone Age to the drone age

  • Nobel winner's marketing magic pries open Japanese wallets

    Richard Thaler's ideas have been working in the wild for centuries

  • Popular Japanese fish scarcest in 48 years

    Shortage of Pacific saury sends sticker prices surging

  • Osaka 'sento' warm to a changing bathing world

    Dwindling customers force public baths to try new ways to get them into hot water

  • Explorers' view of China's Belt and Road Initiative

    On the ground, evidence of progress on Beijing's grand vision is hard to find

  • Amazon Japan veteran defies digital with cassette tape store

    Brick-and-mortar operation provides model for struggling music industry

  • Japan businesses rediscovering the magic of vending machines

    Ubiquitous devices go high tech, low tech, spooky, even tasty

  • A lesson in globalization from the Spice Islands

    The 16th century nutmeg trade depended on international supply chains

  • US falls for sushi burrito

    Just a fad? Even Starbucks has put the item on its menu

  • Luxury trains zip along Japan's everyday commute routes

    Rail companies seek new revenue through trainspotters, seniors and sightseers

  • The salaryman's guide to finding 'me time'

    Hop on a Ferris wheel, sip luxury tea or chill out on an airport deck

  • Asia's 'No. 1' chef Gaggan relocating to Fukuoka from Bangkok

    Chasing perfection, Kolkata prodigy to set up 10-seat place in southern Japan, following new tofu restaurant

  • Success in soccer Under-17 World Cup pivotal for India

    Sport lobbying to host bigger tournament in 2019 as fans flock to games

  • Indian capital chokes under highly dangerous pollution levels

    Schools shut, car rationing to begin to combat toxic smog over New Delhi

  • Concerns voiced about Bangkok's 'River of Kings'

    World Monuments Fund lists Chao Phraya amid opposition to development plans

  • Hong Kong to be first Asian host of Gay Games

    Bid organizers aim to draw 40,000 athletes and spectators

  • Japanese companies offer more support to workers with cancer

    Making work compatible with cancer treatment could help keep workers