Inadequate exercise and unhealthy eating habits are seen as major culprits behind Japan's increase in diabetes.

Japan's diabetic population soars to record 10m

Aging population, obesity seen as major causes

  • Mobike rolls out new model created by Muji designer

    Minimalist design comes amid growing parking problem

  • You know your BO is bad when your dog passes out

    Insolent robot also tells you when you're wearing too much perfume

  • Modern Thai chefs forge a fresh way forward

    Trend toward sustainably sourced ingredients prompts a new cuisine

  • Singapore's rebel bookseller seeks new narrative

    Edmund Wee parries government pressure as 'Singlit' tackles thorny questions

  • Dentsu chief admits illegal labor practice in trial on overwork death

    Prosecutors demand fine of $4,475 for 'securing profits' over workers' health

  • Delta ditches struggling Tokyo-Guam route

    But travel agency JTB reports typical summer demand for travel to island despite missile threat

  • Japan's 60-somethings have a request: Stop calling them 'seniors'

    Overwhelming majority of baby boomers reject the label, think they are young

  • Bangalore startup engineers urban forests

    Japanese botanist's techniques applied to restore lost tree cover

  • New life awaits old Bangkok symbol

    Transformation of crumbling Customs House into luxury hotel in step with emerging riverside cool

  • Kyoto to slap tax on room rentals

    Levy to fund tourism promotion, could become model for rest of Japan

  • Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei top ASEAN citizenship quality ranking

    Peace, wealth, easy travel make the difference; rest of region also rising

  • iPhone X has to excite Asia, but will it?

    Region's consumers are getting used to less expensive smartphones

  • Wagyu Olympics picks winners with eye on beef industry's future

    Superior marbling is no longer the only key standard for Japanese cattle

  • Thai manga starts new chapter via digital platforms

    Smartphone apps help develop domestic industry

  • Airbnb rival enlists star power to tap $1.8bn Japan market

    China's social media celebrities post videos of staying at private homes

  • In Southeast Asia, rising diabetes rates set off alarms

    Singapore leads region with moves to curb consumption of sugary soft drinks

  • Solve a social ill, make a 15% profit

    Borderless Japan offers platform for socially minded entrepreneurs

  • Cybercrime reports hit record in first half in Japan

    Digital currency thefts total $542,000 in January to June

  • Everybody does the dog paddle at these Thai pools

    Swimming lessons keep Bangkok's canine population cool