Fishermen catch a whale shark in a bagan net in Cendrawasih Bay. (Photo by Peter Guest)

Indonesia's whale sharks yield clues on ecosystem

'Beautiful, peaceful' animals draw conservationists and tourism dollars

  • As Japan looks for river of foreign talent, landlords erect a dam

    Discrimination could hinder companies hiring more from overseas

  • Startup asks job seekers to go fishing with the boss

    Small company tries to hook talent by showing some personality

  • Tokyo getting 700 nurses to speak English before 2020 Olympics

    Program devised to make 14 hospitals foreign-patient ready

  • Indians more amused than outraged by Chinese '7 Sins' video

  • South Asian literary duel highlights festival boom

    Readers and writers show growing hunger for live events in internet age

  • Hakodate in northern Japan boasts unique sweets

    Cakes based on 19th century recipe, seaweed-based jelly among array of offerings

  • Asian demand surge feared as rhino horn auctions resume

    South African move to legalize domestic trade 'could stimulate poaching'

  • Asian restaurants in US serve up a feast of fast-casual

    Build-your-own dining takes hold, but not every launch is a sure-fire winner

  • Tokyo fashion institute develops talent for digital era

    Industry insiders worry industry is too slow in adopting latest tech

  • Welcome to Tokyo, Olympians; try to stay in the shade

    2020 host counting on trees and a special resin to keep things cool

  • Former Maoist fighters turn swords to plowshares in Nepal

    Revolutionaries find alternative future growing vegetables and raising livestock

  • Waiter, there's a sardine in my sake

    Chefs and brewers alike getting creative with traditional soup ingredient

  • Japanese novels finding huge popularity in China

    Interests of readers in China, Japan converge as incomes rise, tensions ease

  • From the Enola Gay, a strong wish 'not to repeat the mistake'

    B-29's navigator later grew concerned about North Korea, propaganda

  • Japan's classic hotels unite to increase overseas visibility

    New association of pre-World War II hotels hungry for more foreign visitors

  • From stadium pop to rock 'n' roll fireworks

    Former rock promoter Makoto Fukuda finds inspiration in an old Japanese tradition

  • Hashtag Travelers

    Tucked in the 'Alps,' the future of tourism in Japan

    Southeast Asian travelers are flocking to rural retreats like Gokayama

  • 'Not In My Name' -- Indians stand up to vigilante lynchings

    Modi challenged by protests against killings linked to Hindu nationalists

  • Can Thailand's latest 'superfood' fortify its struggling farmers?

    New organic rice variety changes agricultural methods and ingrained attitudes