• In Southeast Asia, rising diabetes rates set off alarms

    Singapore leads region with moves to curb consumption of sugary soft drinks

  • Solve a social ill, make a 15% profit

    Borderless Japan offers platform for socially minded entrepreneurs

  • Cybercrime reports hit record in first half in Japan

    Digital currency thefts total $542,000 in January to June

  • Everybody does the dog paddle at these Thai pools

    Swimming lessons keep Bangkok's canine population cool

  • Missile-attack drills held in northern Japan

    Anxiety grows in city within 10 minutes of North Korean attack

  • Interview

    Turkish author says West needs to wake up to cause of terrorism

    Orhan Pamuk proud his country, Germany taking in so many refugees

  • Interview

    Nobel laureate Pamuk warns of populist threat in Europe

    Turkish writer calls for an end to 'clash-of-civilizations' thinking

  • Labor-short Japanese pubs turn to Vietnamese for help

    Students from Vietnam fill vacancies left by decreasing number of Chinese staff

  • Latest Olympic sport: Getting around Tokyo

    As Paralympics approaches, the capital wants to be more accessible

  • Busy Indians outsource love letters to Bangalore startup

    Need a love letter fast? Ask the professionals

  • Taipei's most expensive condo comes in a 'double helix'

    Residents can take an elevator to their $32m units in their cars

  • KidZania operator offers internships for high school students

    Japan's KCJ provides Singapore work experience at children's amusement centers

  • Indonesia's whale sharks yield clues on ecosystem

    'Beautiful, peaceful' animals draw conservationists and tourism dollars

  • As Japan looks for river of foreign talent, landlords erect a dam

    Discrimination could hinder companies hiring more from overseas

  • Startup asks job seekers to go fishing with the boss

    Small company tries to hook talent by showing some personality

  • Tokyo getting 700 nurses to speak English before 2020 Olympics

    Program devised to make 14 hospitals foreign-patient ready

  • Indians more amused than outraged by Chinese '7 Sins' video

  • South Asian literary duel highlights festival boom

    Readers and writers show growing hunger for live events in internet age

  • Hakodate in northern Japan boasts unique sweets

    Cakes based on 19th century recipe, seaweed-based jelly among array of offerings

  • Asian demand surge feared as rhino horn auctions resume

    South African move to legalize domestic trade 'could stimulate poaching'