• Death toll rises to 15 as rescue continues in flooded areas of Kyushu

  • Aussie wagyu wows World Steak Challenge

    Japan's rivals increasingly making the cut in premium beef industry

  • Modern mourning at Japan's high-tech cemeteries

    Pricey burial plots and busy lifestyles boost demand for automated cemeteries

  • AI victories go beyond 'go'

    AlphaGo triumph marks watershed in understanding human limitations

  • Pocket money for Japan's salarymen continues to shrink

    Survey shows Abe's reforms still not cutting it as costs rise, salaries stagnate

  • High-rent Ginza has a place for frugal oyster eaters

    Low prices, large menu help Emit Fishbar keep its 35 seats filled

  • Comment

    Philanthro-capitalism sprouts in South Korea

    Public outcry over economic disparity has companies advancing a social agenda

  • Volleyball gives Myanmar girls a sporting chance

    Team game programs help to challenge expectations about female roles in society

  • Japanese company keeps the Frank Lloyd Wright flame burning

    Yamagiwa capitalizes as fresh attention is lavished on late US architect

  • The loneliest run: Indian Olympian recounts Rio marathon ordeal

    Left to race without water, Jaisha relied on thoughts of God and family

  • Borneo women exploit basket weaving to make fashion hit

    Creation of shoulder bags from plastic packing straps supports remote villagers

  • Prodigy rewrites Japanese-chess records at age 14

    Youngest-ever pro tops some of the best on his way to 29 straight wins

  • Frustration grows among Hong Kong's 'betrayed generation'

    Sky-high living costs and dwindling freedoms fuel youth hostility toward Beijing

  • Hoshino Resorts has right prescription for old Aomori inn

    Guests keep coming back for ever-changing assortment of experiences

  • Superrich call luxury residential cruise ship 'home'

    Prices for exclusive floating condominiums can top $15 million

  • Myanmar opening airwaves to more voices with new channels

    Newcomers likely bring more independent news, information to people

  • Remote 'off' switch applied to Cambodia taxis

    Japanese startup's wireless device service makes car leasing less risky

  • Watching for an American 'bubble tea' bubble

    Entrepreneurs move slowly on franchising to protect image of Taiwanese drink

  • Farm-to-table dining wins Filipino fans

    Organic food movement grows, but seeks breakout from upmarket niche

  • Film highlights 'enfant terrible' of Australian art world

    Brett Whiteley film explores wild life of internationally acclaimed artist