• Burger vans muscle in on Thai food stalls

    Iconic street food culture shunned as government seeks to boost tourism

  • Interview

    Formula E still sputtering in Japan

    CEO says it's the wave of the future, but Japanese automakers have yet to roll

  • Skater Mao Asada's retirement highlights pressure on Japan's sports stars

    Winning personality made her Japan's leading sports idol, retirement underscores relentless public expectations

  • Tokyo dojo gives overseas visitors the chance to stay sharp

    Tourists in search of new experiences try their hand with samurai swords

  • Japanese rice balls take on new flavors in Southeast Asia

    Localized varieties of 'onigiri' are getting popular in Singapore and Malaysia

  • American students lose interest in China studies

    Concerns about pollution, work opportunities take toll on enrollment

  • Art initiative highlights Australia's conflicted stance on nuclear weapons

    A touring exhibition reminds Australians that the nuclear issue is as vital today as in the 1950s

  • Mao Asada's retirement helps toymaker twirl up orders

    Tomy doll wears re-creation of skater's Sochi Olympics costume

  • Sanitary breakthrough brings hygiene and work to rural India

    Cheap and environmental product set to improve lives and reduce landfill

  • A fairer outlook for darker skin in India

    Campaigns against lightening creams challenge long-held views on skin color

  • Cleanse your body and mind with suspension yoga

    Hanging upside down in the heart of Tokyo never felt so good

  • Bangkok enclave celebrates its Portuguese past

    Kudichin displays to visitors a little-known chapter of Thai history

  • Make way for the train

    Train tracks in Thailand double as curious 'folding umbrella market'

  • Bangkok's 'motorcycle mamas' roar into men's world

    The lack of jobs elsewhere leads some Thai women into a dangerous profession

  • 'No foreigners allowed': Survey shows heavy discrimination in Japan

    40% are refused housing because they are not Japanese

  • Tea Leaves

    A 'Buddhist boot camp' in Thailand offers pain -- and gain

    A 10-day retreat with no talking, no mobile phones and plenty of meditation is not for the fainthearted

  • Trash 'heroes' make waves for clean oceans

    Pioneers lead way to cleaner beaches

  • Experiencing the quiet life at Bangkok's Hua Lamphong Station

    Cozy 100-year-old train terminal elicits calm reflection

  • Who will win the Masters? Golf's advanced stats offer clues

    The numbers suggest Augusta is well-suited to Hideki Matsuyama's long game

  • Japan's go AI program shows progress despite losses

    DeepZenGo put up a good fight against human masters at World Go Championship