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September 28, 2017



When the Chinese Communist Party holds its twice-per-decade party congress, perhaps the biggest highlight comes immediately afterward. That is when the newly named members of the Politburo Standing Committee take the stage in highly symbolic order for their "public appearance," with the general secretary leading the way. It is at this moment that we finally learn their places in the hierarchy and begin trying to divine what the next five years holds -- including which one might take the reins of power next.

After the last congress, which was held in November 2012, it was Xi Jinping who led six other members of the inner circle onto the stage. As the newly named general secretary, he was the leader of the "China seven" and at the pinnacle of the party pyramid. Who will take the stage after the close of the coming 19th party conference, which kicks off on Oct. 18?

In this issue of the Nikkei Asian Review, we delve into the world of Chinese power politics in our cover story, "Xi's Power Play." Our correspondents in China show how this ambitious leader has stamped his authority on the party and the nation over the past five years and what he appears to have in mind for next five years and beyond. Our coverage includes a behind-the-scenes look at Xi's ruthless anti-corruption campaign and how censorship is being taken to new extremes.

Visit our website for a comprehensive interactive graphic on the who's who of the Politburo, and for further coverage of Chinese politics news.

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