Capital Markets

China regains spot as largest foreign US creditor

  • Japan Market Pulse

    North Korea prompts silent retreat from junk bonds

    Investors also wary of impending Fed tightening

  • South Korea's CDSs surge on Pyongyang missile tensions

    Rate exceeds that of China for first time in four years

  • Fraser Howie

    Don't expect much from China bond market openings

    Foreign involvement will make little difference at this sensitive, late point

  • HNA faces multiple setbacks in overseas expansion

    Dubious shareholding structure held banks back from dealmaking

  • Indonesia's Traveloka raises $350m from Expedia

    Startup says deepening partnership to help expansion in Asia and beyond

  • Japan's life insurers curb enthusiasm on foreign bonds

    Low yields, hedging costs, yen risks erode their investment appetite

  • HNA unveils New York-based charity as controlling shareholder

    Acquisitive Chinese investor's surprise revelation as lenders turn off taps

  • Revamped Tibor makes lackluster debut amid thin interbank trading

    New calculation is meant to better reflect market shifts

  • Collapse of 'safe-haven asset' bubble looms

    Lower government bond prices could trigger a chain reaction

  • Japan's corporate debt offerings on track for record year

    Rush to issue bonds driven by expectations of rising rates

  • Startup financing losing steam in US, China

    Monetary tightening curbs investor appetite as interest rates rise

  • No. 2 cryptocurrency Ethereum plunges 50% in 4 weeks

    Some $17bn in value lost since mid-June; volatility places it well behind leader bitcoin

  • Japan public pension fund boosts Facebook, Alibaba holdings

    GPIF also posts $69.45bn profit, 5.86% investment return

  • BOJ conducts first fixed-rate bond purchase in five months

    Bank increases bond purchase simultaneously

  • Thai stock exchange to launch startup platform by year-end

    Amid boom in new companies, 'Live' aims at offering more exit strategy options for investors

  • BOJ conducts fixed-rate bond-buying operation to rein in yields

  • Revised Tibor rates to better reflect market forces

    Japanese lending benchmark criticized for faulty design, lack of transparency

  • As long-term rates jump, JGB holders poke BOJ for reaction

    Tapering not expected, but market anxious about bank's red line

  • SoftBank readies multibillion-dollar bond issue

    Hybrid bonds cushion balance sheet impact, help finance Vision Fund