The price of eggs at neighborhood supermarkets in central Seoul rose hugely at the height of the avian flu crisis.

South Korean egg prices back down after bird flu spike

Consumers relieved as average cost of pack of 30 returns to $5

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    BHP sees shiny future for copper

    Electric cars and economic growth bode well for miner's mainstay businesses

  • Wastepaper prices in Japan slip as China limits imports

    Recovered cardboard, paper inventories pile higher

  • Lithium prices surge as China pushes e-vehicles

    Sharp price rises for the key battery material could make cars more costly

  • World steel demand forecast to grow for third year in 2018

    Emerging economies seen driving gains while Chinese production stalls

  • Asian shares conquer 10-year peak, oil up on Iraq tensions

  • 'Teapot' oil refinery consolidation in China may spawn a tempest

    Realignment seen driving down Asian petroleum product prices further

  • Commodity eye

    Oil, shipping industries play waiting game on new fuel rules

    Lower sulfur content caps will lift costs, but China is getting a jump on change

  • Iron ore sinks as market readies for post-congress China

    Beijing's aggressive curbing of steel production spooks speculators

  • OLED panel prices to start falling in 2019: report

    Capacity expansion expected to surpass growth in demand

  • Central banks hedging against geopolitical risk with gold

    Large stashes are a handy weapon against currency jitters and US pressure

  • Chinese steelmakers lift demand for high-quality iron ore

    Environmental rules, production efficiency widen premiums over conventional ore

  • Malaysia's September palm oil stockpile tops 2 million tons

    Analysts expect peak seasonal output, weak exports to weigh on prices

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    US exchange encourages Asia to expand portfolio

    CME head 'welcomes competition' with Shanghai crude futures

  • Car manufacturing reaches end of the road in Australia

    Free trade deals to boost agricultural exports had harsh consequences for autos

  • Petronas unit to focus investments in Canada's North Montney

    Puts Alberta's Deep Basin oil and gas assets on the block

  • Wastepaper prices crumple as China curbs imports

    Beijing's squeeze on dirty paper mills leaves Japanese wholesalers unable to find buyers

  • Futures trading in China plummets 30%

    Nervous about speculation and inflation, Beijing tightens strings

  • Asian iron ore prices slide 20% from August peak

    Decline in Chinese steel production could lift margins for Japanese peers

  • Mitsui OSK's huge floating gas terminal detoured to Turkey

    Work at intended LNG site in Uruguay is behind schedule