ThyssenKrupp's agreement with Tata Steel marks the biggest merger in European steel in a decade. © Reuters

Tata-ThyssenKrupp: the cornered 'megamerger'

Former giants forge alliance as sun sets on European steel

  • Cardboard prices soaring in China ahead of 'Singles' Day'

    Growing e-commerce, used-paper import ban causing carton shortages

  • As China rejects scrap imports, metal prices soar

    Investors profit as tighter environmental rules stoke demand

  • Rare-earth prices surge on higher demand, supply constraints

    Rising green car production drives up demand for rare-earth magnets

  • Bulk shipping rates soaring

    Unusually solid market led by Chinese government

  • Asian LNG prices spike as Hurricane Harvey disrupts exports

    Seasonal upswing in demand compounding supply concerns

  • Japanese LPG importers face heightened US exposure

    Hurricane Harvey threatens to worsen procurement risk

  • Asia laps up cheap LNG as '2023 problem' looms

    Market watchers expect a price rebound around that year

  • Copper solid on China, India demand, electric cars: Antofagasta CEO

    Head of Chilean miner cites Asian geopolitics and US protectionism as risk factors

  • Trash or resource? China's ban on scrap import jostles markets

    Rise in metal prices could dent automakers' profits

  • Computer DRAM prices climb as chipmakers shift toward mobile

    Benchmark 4-gigabit DDR3 chips rise 6% amid growing server memory demand

  • Bullishness on China sends copper soaring

    Market may be overheating as speculators pile in

  • Japan industrial material imports hit by changing Asian landscape

    Prices rise, fall as PET resin from China soars, plywood from Malaysia contracts

  • Asian LPG buyers feel impact of Hurricane Harvey

    Spot prices rising amid stoppage in U.S. exports

  • China sees new world order with oil benchmark backed by gold

    Yuan-denominated contract will let exporters circumvent US dollar

  • NAND memory bucks second-quarter blues

    Demand for data servers, 3-D chips drives sales to fresh high

  • Ethylene prices climb in Asia amid supply squeeze

    Output slumps at key plants as demand from China grows

  • Chinese demand driving up Japan-US airfreight rates

    Dearth of space in China sets stage for battle over Japanese capacity

  • Gold tops $1,300 as clouds form around US interest rate hikes

    Feeble consumer inflation giving the Fed second thoughts

  • Gold smugglers take a shine to Japan

    Tax hike provides a lucrative opportunity as crimes become more sophisticated