Moody's downgrades UK's rating on Brexit and growth fears

  • Fed, ECB take nice-and-easy approach to policy tightening

    Despite normalization talk, caution reigns on both sides of the Atlantic

  • ICOs: dream for startups, nightmare for regulators

    Millions raised in seconds, but questionable practices rife

  • J Coin: Japanese banks' virtual currency without the volatility

    Envisioned answer to Apple Pay and Alipay would only be as wild as yen

  • Bitcoin hit by one-two punch from China and Dimon

    Virtual currency drops over 40% in two weeks to below $3,000

  • North Korea missile triggers brief risk-off trade in Tokyo

    Dollar returns to lower 110 yen range, Nikkei also up

  • Dollar trades in upper 109 yen range after North Korea missile launch

  • China moves to shutter virtual currency exchanges

    Reining in capital outflows a priority before big party congress

  • JPMorgan's Dimon says bitcoin 'is a fraud'

  • China guides yuan higher to lift status before party congress

    But currency's surge also prompts central bank measure to slow appreciation

  • Asia curbs digital coin offerings, but finds regulation hard

    Explosive growth in fundraising raises concerns about investor protection

  • Thomas Mayer

    The Rhine-Divide cannot be bridged

    EMU likely doomed as French, German views of society too different for compromise

  • Cryptocurrency dealers and online lenders feel heat in China

    Bitcoin plunges on reported moves to close digital currency exchanges

  • Asia's foreign reserves reach record high

    Amid robust foreign investment, central banks battle to stabilize currencies

  • Chinese coin offering crackdown deals cryptocurrencies a beating

    $18bn worth of market cap wiped out in a single day

  • Yen gains in mostly knee-jerk reaction to North Korean missile

    Investors seem unsure whether latest shot marks escalation by unpredictable regime

  • US turbulence, Pyongyang threat raise prospects of strong yen

    ETFs, forex futures point to strengthening trend

  • Yu Yongding

    China's misguided exchange-rate machinations

  • Trump's comments roil capital markets, oil rises

    US president threatens government shutdown, scrap trade accord

  • Rupee sags amid jitters about looming conflicts

    India-China military clash increasingly likely as standoff continues in border dispute