• Dollars come cheaper in Japan as last year's fever fades

    Banks curb buying of foreign bonds, bulk up greenback deposits

  • Increased tension on Korean Peninsula driving up the yen

    Japan is odd man out as its currency rises against the dollar, yuan and won

  • Trump salvo threatens Japan's currency strategy

    Tokyo policymakers annoyed by verbal intervention on exchange rates

  • US Treasury decides China isn't playing with its currency

    Beijing's yuan-buying and hopes for help with North Korea mean no action for now

  • Yen at make-or-break point for Japan Inc.

    Geopolitical tension drives Japanese currency to 108 against the dollar

  • Trump adds currency policy to diplomatic arsenal

    Tokyo left at a loss as yen gains against dollar

  • Trump irked by strong dollar caused by his own policy

    Currency arm twisting could figure in economic dialogue with Japan

  • Tokyo on yen's climb: 'no comment'

    Options for pushing back limited by desire to stay in Trump's good graces

  • Investors scurry to safety as global tensions flare

    Tokyo stocks lose ground as Japanese currency advances

  • Triggers for yen's appreciation lurk in bilateral talks

    Trade, monetary policy are potential flashpoints for US-Japan dialogue

  • Yen was volatile in rocky year for politics

    Calmer fiscal 2017 expected, but French election brings uncertainty

  • Speculators smell stronger yen ahead

    ETFs betting against currency lose out as reflation trade sputters

  • Markets suffer Trump letdown

    Doubts grow over US president's ability to advance economic agenda

  • Strong baht a mixed blessing

    Thailand's improved current-account surplus a flip side of weak domestic demand

  • Corporate Japan could handle 100 yen to dollar: poll

    Gap between actual and break-even rates pulling production home

  • Devaluation becoming inevitable for falling yuan

    Confusion over U.S.-China relations makes outlook even more chaotic

  • Yen-dollar rate at standstill as life insurers lie low

    Main forces behind post-Trump weakness now wait for US budget, French election

  • JGBs less risky than Treasurys for first time in seven years

    CMA's sovereign default risk indicator reflects US political reality

  • China, Mongolia to extend currency swap agreement

    Deal confirmed by foreign ministers

  • Japan's finance minister says yen not weak, blurting out rate

    Aso points out currency is not 120 to the dollar