• Interview

    How Japan's ex-vice finance minister views US-Japan relations, forex rate

    Yen's short-term movements must be based on interest-rate differential, says Tomomitsu Oba

  • Yuan fix sees sharpest one-day rise since 2005

    Authorities move to stabilize currency

  • Bitcoin value plunges amid panic selling at yuan's rise

    Stricter controls drive up Chinese currency, prompting investors to dump speculative holdings

  • Yuan spikes as China scrambles to stem capital exodus

    Overnight borrowing costs top 100% in Hong Kong offshore market

  • Malaysian stocks, ringgit rise as Fed minutes lift region

  • Euro seen falling to parity with dollar

    Political uncertainty cramps the common currency

  • Myanmar eyes junta's old tricks to fight weaker currency

    Import restrictions considered to stem foreign reserve depletion

  • Asian nations eye stronger defense against currency turmoil

    Bigger dollar swap pact on the table for discussion in 2017

  • Yuan plunged 6.6% against dollar in 2016

    Beijing tightening guard against capital flight

  • Ruble, rand end year on strong note

    Petroleum rebound gave resource producers' currencies a big boost

  • Over half of Japanese forex investors in the red for 2016

  • Malaysian ringgit, shares fall in 2016 on 1MDB woes, outflow worries

  • Trump's tolerance of strong dollar unlikely to last

    Strain on US business confidence may emerge as early as January

  • China risks seen threatening yen's bearish trend

    Beijing's shrinking forex reserves could drive search for safe harbor

  • Dollar's rise batters corporate bond markets in emerging world

    Trump's victory has not been kind to Southeast Asia or Latin America

  • Soft yuan, ad hoc policy push money out of China

    Public evades curbs via insurance, bitcoin as regulators play whack-a-mole

  • Bitcoin trade volume hits record in November

    Chinese seeking haven after U.S. election drove the mania

  • Japan overtakes China as top holder of US debt

    Beijing's currency interventions behind the drop

  • Asian currencies drop on US interest rate hike

    Emerging markets brace for capital outflows as Fed hints at 3 hikes in 2017

  • Bilateral 'debt-equity swap' set to weaken yen, lift Japan stocks

    Coordinated market trend seen as US buys Tokyo stocks, Japan purchases Treasurys