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Toshimitsu Motegi, right, Japan's minister in charge of TPP negotiations, speaks at the 11-nation meeting in Tokyo on Jan. 22.

TPP 11 signatories gather in Tokyo to hammer out remaining issues

Hope to clear final hurdles on media, workers' rights, ink new deal in March

North Korea crisis

Russia denies evading UN North Korea sanctions

Lavrov denounces US 'Russophobia,' demands evidence of any violations

Duterte's Philippines

Abuse of Filipino migrants in Kuwait unacceptable, Duterte says

Angry president mulling a ban on sending workers to oil-rich nation

Rohingya crisis

Japan stands by Myanmar, lest China gain favor

But a dicey human rights record could bring Tokyo criticism by association

The Trump effect

Kim's New Year speech seeks to split South Korea, America

North Korean leader offers Olympics talks, threatens US with 'nuclear button'