Abe under pressure

Japan credit risk barometer rises on fiscal discipline doubts

Neither Abe nor Koike's opposition seems inclined toward belt-tightening

  • Cabinet shake-up stanches bleeding for embattled Abe

    Poll still shows lingering distrust, skepticism about Japanese leader's priorities

  • Japan Market Pulse

    Abe cabinet's pivot to economy boosts public works shares

    After defeat in Tokyo assembly elections, LDP eyes stimulus as support lifeline

  • Decisive election win turns Tokyo gov into a national force

    Child care, smoking measures likely to gain traction in Diet

  • Mired in scandals, Abe's party loses to the upstart it scoffed at

    Surrounded by cronies, Japanese leader turned deaf ear to voter discontent

  • Japan Market Pulse

    Abe's black eye in Tokyo vote stirs fears of political shift

    Overseas investors may turn tentative, noting Japan's market history

  • Damage control vital for Abe after Tokyo assembly defeat

    Eroding support for prime minister could affect Diet election, charter amendment

  • Who is Yuriko Koike?

    First female Tokyo governor gains influence with own political group

  • Abe's party fears voter backlash in Tokyo election

    Opposition parties gain ammunition against scandal-plagued ruling party

  • Complacency creeping up on Abe's long-running reign

    Recent slip by defense minister is latest embarrassment for cabinet

  • Defense chief's gaffe adds to Abe's headaches

    Inada implies ruling party candidate has support of Japan's defense forces

  • Tokyo vote becomes testing ground for national debates

    Parties court public on issues from second-hand smoke to free education

  • Abe's checklist: revise constitution, raise tax, stay in office

    Elections could help or hurt a prime minister thinking about his legacy

  • As support slips, cracks start to show in Abe's invincible armor

    Public sours on Japan's ruling party amid school scandal

  • Tokyo gov takes on the party that groomed her for the job

    Koike could further her national ambitions -- or fall flat on her face