Auto Industry Upheaval

Japanese automakers, including Toyota, reported strong six-month earnings on Nov. 8, helped by a weaker yen and higher sales in China.

Most Japanese carmakers cruise to higher profit in first half

Strong China sales and weak yen help; Nissan and Subaru hurt by recalls

  • Faulty inspections push down Nissan's yearly financial forecast

    CEO Saikawa to report on result of full investigation next week

  • Subaru's faulty inspection regime was standard practice

    Scandal overlaps with Nissan's in more ways than one

  • Subaru chief says improper inspections may date back decades

    Automaker set to recall up to 400,000 vehicles in Japan

  • Atsushi Osanai

    Kobe Steel -- quality trap

    High technical standards could have created room for cheating

  • Exclusive

    Subaru, too, let unqualified workers inspect cars

    Internal probe uncovers impropriety similar to Nissan's

  • China to spur global surge in sales of electric vehicles by 2025

    Focus on 'new energy vehicles' could supercharge electric car market

  • Mitsubishi Electric stakes future on self-driving cars

    Satellite expertise puts defense company at forefront of vehicle technology

  • Panasonic powers up electric-car battery output in Asia, US

    Japanese group planning expansion of US Gigafactory with partner Tesla

  • Toyota promises auto battery 'game-changer'

    At Tokyo Motor Show, manufacturers race to unveil new electric vehicle offerings

  • Nissan supplier stocks falter as faulty inspection halts shipments

    Yorozu, others flag while Toyota group suppliers climb

  • Toyota halves output target for planned Mexico plant

    Automaker realigns production around North America to fit US focus

  • Nidec shifts to high gear on electric cars, robots

    New mainstay business emerges to replace hard drive motor ops

  • Honda to install faster-filling hydrogen stations across Japan

    Network of 100 stations by 2020 will broaden the range of fuel cell cars

  • Isuzu to get serious about electric trucks

    Commercial vehicles the new frontier as world goes green

  • Nissan sales skid 20% on inspection scandal

    Shipment stoppage could impact large subcontractor network

  • Toyota goes hybrid with new cab in Japan

    Accessible design, fuel-saving tech aim to bring taxis into 21st century

  • Nissan production halt seen taking $88m bite out of profit

    Suppliers take hit; dealerships worry about damage to brand

  • Exclusive

    Toyota may halve vehicle lineup in Japan

    Automaker shakes up sales strategy at home as millennials turn away from sedans

  • GM joins race to churn out green vehicles in early 2020s

    Toyota, VW also plan mass production of electric, fuel cell cars