Auto Industry Upheaval

  • To reach Trump, Toyota sounds out second-in-command

    Vice President Pence well-versed in complexities of auto industry, execs say

  • For Japan's automakers, no easy choice on US investment

    Washington throwing wrench into global production plans

  • Japan auto stocks dented by renewed protectionism fears

    Once-popular shares shunned by investors after Trump's outbursts

  • A short history of the lengthy US-Japan auto disputes

    On-again, off-again trade frictions date back to the disco era

  • Toyota to add 400 jobs with US plant expansion

    Investing $600m amid pressure from Trump administration

  • Trump ups ante on Japan trade, using cars as bargaining chip

    Tokyo taking cautious approach on bilateral negotiations

  • Exclusive

    Toyota to expand Indiana plant, hire hundreds

    Answering Trump's calls on 'America first'

  • Glimpses of Ford behind Trump's Japan bashing

    American carmaker cozies up to new administration as 1980s redux unfolds

  • Technology stars expand links with auto industry

    Such collaborations seen as crucial to building next-generation cars

  • Automakers face roadblock to eco-car production in China

    Opaque new rules coming in 2018 stoke anxiety in world's largest auto market

  • South Korean car production skids 7% in 2016

    Falling exports, Hyundai strike drag on motor industry

  • Toyota waves US investment flag at Detroit auto show

    Japan's biggest automaker responds to Trump's Twitter feed

  • India car sales falls first time in 11 months on cash crunch

  • Philippines car sales soar 24.6% in 2016

    Toyota, Mitsubishi set to begin local production to tap fast-growing market

  • Toyota unveils new Camry at Detroit motor show

    Vehicle undergoes full remodeling for first time in six years

  • Toyota's $10bn US investment seen as nod to Trump

    Nissan, Honda not looking to change Mexico production plans

  • Mercedes-Benz broadens Indian reach to northeast

    German luxury carmaker to tap locals' rising purchasing power

  • Auto giants bow to Trump tweet storm

    Companies altering plans to please next US administration

  • Toyota looks to invest $10bn in US

    Auto giants heed Trump's push to create new American jobs

  • Exclusive

    Mazda's new engine boosts fuel efficiency by 30%

    Automaker plans to offer cars with the new technology next year