China-India Tensions

The competition between China and India over a stake in the Dhaka Stock Exchange is seen as part of a geopolitical power struggle in South Asia. © AP

Dhaka Stock Exchange picks China's bid for stake over India's

Decision by Bangladeshi bourse could intensify Beijing-New Delhi rivalry

  • Japan, India opening up airways to more flights

    Abe-Modi summit to focus on cementing economic, security ties

  • India inks maritime partnership deals with Myanmar

    Infrastructure, security agreements aim to counter China's diplomatic offensive

  • Brahma Chellaney

    India, beware: China could seek revenge for Doklam

    Damage from Himalayan military standoff will not be easily repaired

  • Detente in the borderlands for India and China

    Agreement to withdraw troops in disputed region eases fears of a bigger conflict

  • India says border standoff with China to end

    Beijing's statement conflicts with New Delhi's announcement of mutual disengagement

  • China woos Bhutan with $10 billion in standoff with India

    Beijing seen driving wedge in New Delhi-Thimphu alliance

  • Rupee sags amid jitters about looming conflicts

    India-China military clash increasingly likely as standoff continues in border dispute

  • Is India-China trade war looming?

    Experts fear ongoing border standoff may threaten economic ties

  • Bhutan growth soars amid hydropower building boom

    Rising debt to India could make country the Greece of South Asia, critics say

  • Beijing's Belt and Road ambitions rekindle Sino-Indian row

    Border tensions set off by Chinese road-building in disputed area

  • Brahma Chellaney

    China's Bhutan land grab aims at bigger target

    Beijing employs stealth aggression in territorial expansion