China's party congress 2017

Chinese President Xi Jinping walks to the lectern to deliver his speech during the 19th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on Oct. 18. © Reuters

China up close

Xi Jinping just fired 75% of party veterans

Chinese president personally interviewed candidates, eliminating dissenters

  • China's new leadership

    Visual Data -- 'Core' leader Xi Jinping now surrounded by allies

  • Interview

    Activist calls for Japan's involvement in China human rights

    Chen Guangcheng claims that situation is worsening in his home country

  • Chinese long rates surge as stimulus turns to discipline

    More oversight for shady financial products could rattle debt-heavy banks

  • Ex-graft czar Wang may become China's next vice president

    Xi to reward retired right-hand man, Hong Kong newspaper says

  • Xi loyalist picked as Shanghai boss

    Suspected power grab sets off wider leadership reshuffle

  • China's Xi gets Mao treatment on People's Daily front page

    Unusually large photo shows who's the boss

  • China's 'great-power diplomacy' will be tested by North Korea

    Can Xi present Trump with a bold proposal equivalent of Mao and Deng?

  • Xi fills top military posts with loyalists

    Eliminating anyone close to predecessor Hu, president gains control of PLA

  • Xi Jinping tightens his grip on China's economic reins

    Longtime adviser Liu He rises to prominence as Premier Li fades into background

  • China eyes industrial reform via heightened state control

    Communist Party gaining more say in decisions at listed companies

  • Comment

    Xi tightens grip on power, but to what end?

    Chinese leader should use authority for betterment of country, not party

  • Stiff opposition led to resignation of China's graft-buster Wang

    Xi met resistance to reappointing powerful but unpopular official

  • Chinese market braces for Xi's policy steps following congress

    Tackling reforms in earnest could put heavy drag on the economy

  • Xi's "new era" marred by old problem of a slowing China

    Growing debts and pervasive pollution to bedevil Chinese leader in his second term

  • China's Xi: Party must eliminate 'virus' and remain backbone of nation

    President vows to further open up economy and lead 'world's largest party'

  • China's new leadership reveals no Xi Jinping heir

    Loyalists fill seven-member team as president digs in for long haul

  • The new 'China Seven' leadership lineup

    How the Politburo Standing Committee members reached the top

  • China's Xi stacks party's upper ranks with loyalists

    Party congress solidifies foundation for his second term as leader

  • Party congress narrows contest for China's central bank chief

    Three contenders still standing as deputy governor gets left behind