Duterte's Philippines

A Philippine fishing boat returns to Subic Bay from Scarborough Shoal.

One year on, Beijing steps up military drive in South China Sea

Hague ruling ignored as disputed Scarborough Shoal remains peaceful, for now

  • Manila touts economic gains in sea dispute approach

    A year after Hague ruling, Philippines enjoys surge in investment from China.

  • Duterte's martial law gets top court's blessing

    Petitions by lawmakers, activists tossed as Mindanao conflict drags on

  • As Philippines battles terror, neighbors worry who is next

    Majority-Muslim nations vulnerable as Islamic State flees Middle East

  • Philippines Inc., investors march to beat of Duterte's drum

    Infrastructure-related stocks up as maverick leader finishes first year

  • Duterte's tax bill faces uphill battle in Philippine Senate

    Lawmakers sour on sugar tax, complain levies are regressive

  • Indonesia ramps up security over concerns about spread of extremists

    Meetings of regional security officials to address IS threats and spillover of unrest from Philippines

  • Philippines misses 2nd deadline to remove Islamic militants

    Help from US troops highlights the depth of the crisis

  • Philippine army vows to overrun militants linked to Islamic State

    With 200 dead, Marawi to be liberated on Independence Day

  • Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia team up in terror fight

    Southeast Asia seeks to stem growing influence of Islamic State extremists

  • Duterte cancels Japan trip as Mindanao siege continues

    Military evaluating martial law extension after 100 killed

  • Duterte to cancel Japan visit

    Mindanao security situation requires presence

  • Michael Vatikiotis

    Duterte's peace hopes challenged in Mindanao

    Declaration of martial law by Philippine president raises broader concerns

  • Richard Heydarian

    Duterte and Putin double act heralds new regional order

    Leaders' cosy relationship shows an ideological, and personal, affinity

  • Duterte moots martial law for the Philippines

    Describes dictatorship of Marcos era as 'very good'

  • Philippine markets open lower after martial law declaration

    Worries easing after the government is seen to have crisis under control

  • China, Philippines to hold first South China Sea talks Friday

    Nations will seek ways to manage their territorial dispute, 'prevent escalation'

  • Philippines opens wallet wide for public works

    Nation's first subway the crown jewel of $70bn-plus push

  • Duterte asks Trump to be prudent with North Korea

    Philippine president says Kim Jong Un 'simply wants to end the world'

  • FT Confidential Research

    Philippine tax reform compromises may limit infrastructure drive

    Legislative spats over tax reforms could also concern credit rating agencies