Duterte's Philippines

  • China, Philippines to hold first South China Sea talks Friday

    Nations will seek ways to manage their territorial dispute, 'prevent escalation'

  • Philippines opens wallet wide for public works

    Nation's first subway the crown jewel of $70bn-plus push

  • Duterte asks Trump to be prudent with North Korea

    Philippine president says Kim Jong Un 'simply wants to end the world'

  • FT Confidential Research

    Philippine tax reform compromises may limit infrastructure drive

    Legislative spats over tax reforms could also concern credit rating agencies

  • Duterte seeking diplomatic balance between Japan, China

    Philippine leader plans June trip to Tokyo

  • Duterte faces turning point in push for safer Philippines

    Manila signs historic truce with Maoist insurgents, but peace remains challenge

  • Beijing, Manila facing new maritime dispute

    Chinese survey mission pushes Philippines to also launch study

  • Duterte in the hot seat after nixing of foreign secretary pick

    Environment secretary also faces strong headwinds

  • Duterte wants to mix and mobilize funding sources to spread wealth

    New Philippine economic blueprint prioritizes dispersed infrastructure spending

  • Philippines orders closure of 21 mines on environmental grounds

    Half of the country's nickel output affected, but economic impact seen as minimal

  • Duterte openly flirting with martial law

    The still-popular president is evoking memories of ex-dictator Marcos

  • Philippines halts deadly crusade on drugs

    Duterte orders purge after police murder S. Korean businessman

  • Philippine officials in China to negotiate $15bn in business deals

    Duterte steps up push to lure foreign investment amid 'separation' from US

  • Philippines voices displeasure at China's 'very troubling' militarization

    Territorial dispute in the South China Sea unresponsive to softer diplomacy

  • In Duterte territory, Abe stresses America's regional role

    Philippine leader tells Japanese counterpart he will work with US

  • Abe packs $8.66bn aid package for Philippines visit

    Japan aims to curb growing Chinese influence on Duterte

  • Duterte plays by his own rules

    Friends and colleagues of the Philippine president discuss what drives him

  • Duterte approves costly pension hike

    2.2 million private sector pensioners to get 1,000 pesos more each month

  • Online gambling may be Duterte's next target

    Philippine leader's comments send stocks plunging

  • Duterte signs off on his first 'populist' budget

    Record spending on infrastructure, college tuition, irrigation, and war on drugs